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Judgment Day

Catherine having dinner and a glass of wine alone at the restaurant where she and Richard had their first real date when Richard walks up, and while he doesn't apologize, he says sadly that he should have been there and he thinks he failed Adele. He won't let Catherine interrupt and instead admits that he feels like he lost the right to grieve when he started seeing another woman. But Catherine just tells him gently that this is grieving, and he shouldn't have to do it alone. Gently, she tells him she'd like to just hold his hand, and she puts hers out across the table. Slowly, he reaches over, puts his hand in hers, and breathes what might be his first deep breath since Adele's death.

Jackson goes to visit James whose face is bruised and bandaged, but more in proportion than it was previously. James' parents thank him on a job well done but he gives Mark all the credit, saying he just took it into the end zone. Out in the hall, Leah watches while Stephanie gazes adoringly and reports that "Jackson" thinks James might not need another surgery. Leah immediately jumps on her use of his first name and then goes on a rant about how everyone made her a punchline for sleeping with Alex, but now Stephanie is also sleeping with her boss. Stephanie gasps and asks how Leah knew and as has happened a million times before and will be said a million times after, Leah answers that she didn't know, but now she does. She gives Stephanie a knowing smirk and saunters off while Stephanie absorbs what she just did.

I think what they were mocking Leah for was much more her endless pining for Alex and not just the sex, since Heather slept with him too and got none of the grief. For all of her weird quirks and inappropriate admissions, Heather seems to be the most well-adjusted of this crop of interns. She visits with Taylor and tells her she'll have to learn to stand up for herself, which is then immediately put to the test when her mom bustles into the room, screaming about Taylor's hairball. Heather interrupts and tells her that it's an actual condition that makes people want to pull out and sometimes eat their hair, but that they will set Taylor up with a therapist. This is too much for Mommie Dearest, who announces that she's just going to make herself stop, and that's that. In a rush, Taylor finally finds her voice and yells that it's a medical condition and she is going to take her to see a therapist. Mom has no idea how to react and is stunned into silence but Taylor looks at Heather and smiles proudly. So kids, the lesson is to stand up for yourself, and also to not eat your hair because it turns out that digested hair is like that old wives tale about chewing gum -- if you swallow it, it will just sit in your stomach and accumulate until you have a giant, disgusting mass in there.

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