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Judgment Day

Stephanie must have admitted to Jackson that the word is out, because he goes and finds April to tell her about the two of them. Her face falls, and she tries desperately to act nonchalant but it obviously hurts. He admits that he didn't want her to find out but since gossip will probably spread he wanted April to hear it straight from him. Finally, in response, she manages to tell him she misses him. She's totally embarrassed to be upset and admits that they used to be friends but now things are weird. He thinks they can still be friends but all she can think about when she stands in front of him is how much she wants to kiss him, so she's not ready to be friends yet. She finally thanks him for telling her and walks away, into Leonard's room.

She informs him that Sheila is fine, medically, but after a moment goes to his side and announces unceremoniously that Sheila is horny and needs some sex. Somehow, the pole and the vajazzling were hints that were just too subtle for poor Leonard but now he gives a knowing, "Oooooooh," like she just turned a light on over his head. April confirms that the "equipment" is working and orders him to go ahead and use it already, because if she was married she'd be doing it all the time. He's stunned, but doesn't seem opposed to it, either.

Back at the house, Princess leads Alex into the living room with his eyes covered and then dramatically unveils a new couch with a six-pack of beer sitting on it. He didn't have to con Cristina into furniture after all, because Princess used her winnings to buy him a sofa so that now she has somewhere to sleep when she's drunk. Alex is a little unnerved since he thinks this is a really girlfriend-y move but she once again insists that's gross and he's like a brother to her. She sits down and cracks a beer, and Alex eventually does too while he ponders how weird it is to have a girl who is just a friend. He admits that Mere was also just a girl-space-friend but comments that she probably wanted to do it with him at some point too. Princess calls him a douche and orders him to shut up and drink, and they clink bottles to their sibling-like friendship.

After Callie's toast, it seems like the booze really started flowing at the celebration dinner. Derek calls Owen and orders him to come down, telling him that he knows the crash wasn't his fault and he's moving forward. When Owen doesn't seem to be rushing over, Derek puts Cristina on the phone. She rather drunkenly tells Owen that she doesn't know what their status is right now but it doesn't matter because she's drunk and happy and wants him there with her so that they can have sex in the bathroom. Owen chuckles at the magnificence of this drunk dial, and tells them he'll join another time and to enjoy the party while Meredith VOs that ignorance is bliss, because once you learn the diagnosis, there's no going back.

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