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Judgment Day

Owen then walks in to a conference room where the newest female board member is sitting with their attorneys, going through mountains of paperwork. She announces that the insurance company found a loophole -- no more than two attendings were ever supposed to be on a plane at once, so when Arizona took Alex's place they violated that rule -- and they are therefore refusing to pay. And that, my friends, means that the hospital has to pay instead. Owen is confused as he reminds them that they don't have that kind of money lying around, but she knows that already. She tells him matter-of-factly that they will have to go bankrupt and close the hospital down. Ruh-roh.

Back at the restaurant, Meredith again reminds us about the bliss of ignorance as the five happy, ignorant survivors gather and have someone take a picture of them, grinning sincerely for the first and maybe the last time for a while.

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