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Judgment Day

Owen just catches the elevator and runs in to find Derek, who doesn't say anything but just delivers a sidelong glare. After an awkward moment, Owen tells Derek he heard that there might be a judgment, and he hopes that it works out for them. Never one to accept anything with grace, Derek spits back, "No you don't." He reminds Owen that would mean that the hospital was negligent and he did something wrong. "Which you did." I love that it doesn't seem to occur to Derek that Owen would be fully aware of his hand in the tragedy and beating himself up for it already. Owen just nods and says its obvious Derek has been thinking that for a while, and he's glad he got it out. As he exits the elevator, he turns back and adds that for the record, he really does hope it works out.

Cristina and Alex see each other in the lounge and Cristina calls Princess Alex's girlfriend; he corrects that she's not, but he knows it's weird because she's hot and always hanging around. He makes the age-old claim that he doesn't look at her that way and to prove his point, adds that it would be like the two of them sleeping together. Cristina is appropriately grossed out. They laugh about Owen's copped feel, and Cristina giggles like a schoolgirl when she talks about her ex-husband sneaking around to see her. Jackson comes in to drop off the rejected cookies and tells them his mom has ordered him to assess Richard's mood. We learn that it's been a month since Adele died and while Richard is back at work, he's not yet doing surgery. Jackson can't figure out if he's appropriately depressed or too depressed.

Princess claims to be mortified about what happened but still tells all of her fellow interns about and Heather really wants specific details on how exactly she was grabbed. Jackson walks in just as Stephanie is illustrating what happened with her hands on Leah's boobs. Leah is on Jackson's service for a facial reconstruction, Smash is excited because he's with Derek and thinks that today might be Derek's return to surgery, Princess is working with Cristina and Heather is with Meredith. Stephanie tells Jackson she's got scut that day and casually asks if she can tag along with them. Jackson is carefully blasé as he agrees with a shrug.

Once they are in the hallway, though, they put their heads together and cackle about how sly they are since no one suspects that they are sleeping together. And honestly, who would possibly guess that they are involved when they are whispering delightedly with their foreheads practically pressed together? Well, any remotely intuitive person, really, but in this case it's Leah who catches it and isn't fooled when they leap apart and start talking loudly about the history of the shunt. Truth be told, I'm shocked they've managed to keep their shunting secret for an entire month.

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