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Derek walks in to a conference room to find Callie setting up a small net across the table. She thinks that after his last surgery they tried to get him back in the game too fast, so this time she wants to take baby steps. Derek tries to argue even before he knows what she has planned but she refuses to let him speak and reminds him that he is the patient and she the doctor. It turns out that the motion he would use in some particular surgery is similar to that of hitting a ping-pong ball, so she's going to have him play to see how he does. Oh, and the surgery usually takes about eight hours, so that's what he's going to be doing all day, with an unsuspecting Smash as his opponent.

Bailey meets a couple of ambulances in the bay and is introduced to her patients: a couple who have had an unfortunate stripper pole accident. The husband, Leonard, has a crush injury, but he's more worried about his wife Sheila. (Played by Beth Grant, who I think of as one of the townspeople in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar as well as the lady who freaks out and gets blown up on the bus in Speed.) (Spoiler alert?) (Yes, my awesome taste in movies continues to be awesome.) (What?) From her cries we learn that she had a stripper pole installed in their bedroom as a surprise for their anniversary and poor Leonard was definitely surprised, especially as he merely wanted an iPad. I have no idea if Sheila's name is a wink to Sheila Kelley, who is widely credited with having started the stripper pole workout craze with her program, S Factor, but I like to think that it is.

Cristina is enjoying Catherine's worry cookies and tells Mere the story behind them; when April hears Jackson's name she tries to casually ask about him but no one is fooled. Cristina is surprised that April is still pining for him and teases her about it so April storms off. ("Cookie" was used all through the hour as a metaphor for "vagina" but it all felt a little twee to me, so I'm generally ignoring it.) Mere asks casually if Cristina is back together with Owen and Cristina immediately becomes sincere and dreamy as she admits she doesn't know what's going on, but the sex is awesome. Mere is skeptical, not least because Cristina usually manages to avoid sincerity at all costs. Cristina turns the subject to Mere and asks pointedly if she has anything to tell, but Mere lightly tells her there is nothing. So Cristina either knows or suspects the pregnancy -- that much is for sure -- and it does feel like Mere knows exactly what Cristina is asking but is choosing to play dumb. Cristina walks off but Mere gets a page and calls after her.

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