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Judgment Day

Derek's phone is ringing but he's ignoring it because he's in Competitive Man Ping Pong Zone and Smash is kissing his ass regarding his mad ping pong skillz. Arizona walks right and grabs the ball saying he needs to answer the phone because their lawyer needs them at the courthouse immediately.

Callie sprints through the hallway and into the courtroom, flustered and apologetic for getting stuck in surgery. Arizona, Derek, Mere and Cristina all look kind of blank and she assumes the worst but finally Arizona manages to say quietly, "We won." Derek explains that since the airline had a history of mechanical problems and it was public record, so the hospital should have known and they have been found negligent. Callie starts to smile -- she's still the only one -- and then asks if there was any mention of the reward. And was there ever -- Arizona tells her in an empty voice that they are getting $15 million dollars. Each. None of them seem to have any idea what to think.

Their attorney is also all smiles as she says that the insurance company needs to go through their usual procedural hoo-ha but that pending an appeal, they will then issue everyone their big fat checks. She and Callie appear to be the only ones who are happy about it. Derek gets up to go back to ping pong and Arizona follows him since she has a surgery. She tells him that it happens to be a kid he and Mark operated on years before. Callie stops everyone and rather desperately tries to convince them that they need to celebrate, but they all look like she just suggested they go for a trip in another small, unreliable aircraft. She admits that "celebrate" is too strong a word but thinks that after all of their months sitting in rooms together, talking about this, they should at least sit down and share a meal to commemorate its being over.

Bailey examines Sheila, who explains that her pole accident came when she tried to execute a "sexy flexy" which does appear to be an actual move, according to the interwebs. Bailey tells her she bruised her tailbone so she must have landed on something hard, but Sheila tells her sadly that she landed on her husband and there was, in fact, nothing hard about him. What I want to know is, why was he standing directly next to the pole where she could fall on him? That's not giving him any kind of sexy nor flexy vantage point and merely makes him a target if something goes unsexy or unflexy, as ultimately happened.

Bailey then goes to see Leonard and takes April with her, telling the story as they walk in. She then leaves to set up a scan and poor farmhand April can't hide her shock at the notion of a scandalous pole-dancing accident. Leonard tells her to take her face right now, and then imagine how he felt. Leonard sounds like a guy who actually could use some more sexy and flexy in his life.

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