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Judgment Day

As the three walk off the elevator Mere comments that she doesn't want to do dinner and the other two seem to agree. Heather runs up needing help with a patient, a teen who is nauseated and has a distended stomach but swears she isn't pregnant. It's all a convenient way for Mere to laugh and comment that teenagers like this always say that and then they are always pregnant -- Cristina hears this and raises an eyebrow. Mere leaves with Heather and Cristina muses that it's a problem, people claiming not to be pregnant when they really are. At this she turns on Derek with a flourish as if pulling a rabbit out of a hat but he actually smiles when he realizes that she knows. Cristina points out that Mere's boobs got huge and she's eating everything in sight, so it wasn't a big mental leap to figure it out. She hasn't told Cristina yet but Cristina assures Derek that Mere knows she knows. "She'll tell me when she's ready to be happy about it." She then congratulates him and leaves. For the show's faults, I will always love the best friendship between Mere and Cristina and how well they know each other.

Heather's patient Taylor turns out to really not have a bun in the oven but she does have a completely overbearing mother and a habit of chewing nervously on her hair. She can't answer any of the doctors' questions because her mom steamrolls her and obnoxiously gives every answer with a special snide flair until finally Mere manages to usher her out of the room. Taylor is in awe of Mere's ability to actually handle her mom. Mere then comes back in and instructs Heather on how to deal with interrupting parents -- make them leave -- and Heather goes back to examining Heather and the unexplained lump in her abdomen.

As Derek plays ping pong, he's called Jackson up to discuss James' surgery at Arizona's urging. Jackson thinks the new plan could give James a better future, improving his looks 5-10%. But Derek argues that it's a riskier surgery with a longer recovery, and he advises Jackson to stick to Mark's original plan.

Cristina runs into Owen, who panics when he sees Princess heading their way. Cristina points out that they are working together and orders him to relax, but he can't seem to contain himself and after she gives Cristina the rundown on a patient, Owen tries to explain that their hair is similar and from behind... Princess stutters that it was an honest mistake but gratefully bolts when Cristina gives her instructions. Cristina then turns to Owen and mocks him for making things even worse, teasing him all the way into a room where they can make out.

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