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Judgment Day

When Princess overhears this she asks Alex about the dinner and he explains about the settlement. Cristina just happens to walk up at that moment so Princess turns to her and asks if, with some of the money, she was going to buy furniture for the house. Cristina laughs at the very idea and asks why would she, since it's not her house? Princess turns on Alex and calls him a genius while he grimaces about his foiled plan.

Cristina then goes into the room and unceremoniously takes Smash's paddle, declaring that it's her turn. She starts an easy volley with Derek and tells him matter-of-factly that he needs to forgive Owen. Derek of course doesn't want to and gets all uppity about it but Cristina says that they are moving on and Owen has to do the same. She reminds Derek that he was Chief once and should remember what it's like to make a lot of decisions with only the info you have at the time. Sometimes that info being, "There is a paper in front of me and someone else told me to sign it so I'll sign it. That's surely not going to bite me in the ass," I imagine. Derek says it's not that easy to just forgive him but while Cristina understands, she tells him to do it anyway. She then lays down her paddle and leaves so that he and Smash can resume their game with Derek now wound even more tightly than before.

As she walks out she snaps at Princess to get back to work; Princess turns to Alex and reminds him of the $500 bet, asking him to keep her updated.

When Jackson walks into James' room he finds a very cute girl sitting on the bed, rubbing James' face and cooing that she'll come see him again tomorrow. They then share a big kiss, and she runs out. Because he's not Brent Musburger, Jackson doesn't offer up any opinions on her good looks but James immediately volunteers that his girlfriend is hot, and he's sure Jackson is wondering how he does it. Jackson only denies this for a moment and then admits he wants to know. Apparently, Mark gave James some sage advice regarding the opposite sex, which doesn't really surprise Jackson in the least. But what does surprise him is the advice itself -- instead of teaching James some moves, he advised James to come up with some of his own. He was upfront that even with surgery James was never going to look completely normal so he had to find something else that would lure in the beauties. James decided that his thing would be his awesome personality and so far it seems to be working out really well for him. He does point out, though, that he'd still enjoy looking less weird, and Jackson tells him he'll see what he can do.

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