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Facing Off
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This week we get a treat -- Alex is doing the voiceover, complete with an undertone of disdain as is generally present in his speaking voice. While he takes part in a photoshoot, during which he exhibits a complete inability to smile like a real person a la Chandler when he and Monica were taking their engagement photos, he gripes that he doesn't want to be the hospital mascot. Alana is there supervising and chirps that they are looking for a "Brand Ambassador" for the hospital and reminds him that he's not actually won the job yet. She thinks that he's a good candidate, being a good-looking good doctor, but she forgets about his general disdain for humanity. He finally dismisses himself and she yells after him that the next day he'll have a PR person following him around and he is to be civil. Meanwhile, he VOs about cells changing from normal to cancerous, and declares, "Transformation sucks." I think that depends on the kind of transformation -- RuPaul's transformation from man to the greatest drag queen the world has ever known is a pretty delightful and kickass one. But in terms of cancer or hospital sales, yes, it sucks.

He goes home to drink beer with Princess, which seems to be all he does now outside of work. Also, does she live there now? The two of them head to the living room but are stopped short when they see Stephanie and Jackson making out on the new sofa, looking like they're about one panting breath away from tearing off each other's clothes. Princess and Alex retreat to the kitchen and I hate that I agree with her when she asks who does that at someone else's house. They then start to hear pounding and giggling coming from above and Princess is disgusted to learn that it is Owen and Cristina. You can't make me believe that she spends every night at the house, sleeping on the sofa, and yet Alex has to tell her that Cristina's room is over the kitchen and that these mysterious and subtle noises mean Owen is there. Owen grabbed her boobs one morning, for goodness sake -- everyone knows what is going on and with whom. After a moment, she looks up at the ceiling and starts barking like a dog. Alex thinks she's nuts but she keeps at it, making animal noises to I guess distract the hooker-uppers upstairs; Alex finally seems to change his opinion from "weird" to "endearing" and he joins her with some crazy, unrecognizable howling. The two get super into it to the point where Stephanie and Jackson manage to peel themselves off each other and go investigate, confused.

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