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Facing Off

When Mere sees Alex later, she suggests that he should re-think his not being together with Princess because, "She kind of kicked ass today." Oy, this is really happening. Alex reacts as if he really, truly, never one let the thought cross his mind until now, and he VOs that change can sneak up on you.

Callie and Richard arrive back in Seattle but both just sit in the car for a while, nostalgically gazing at the building as Richard notes that so often you don't appreciate something until you are about to lose it. (Pause for a Cinderella moment.) Callie still can't stand the thought of the sale going through and insists they can fight, but Richard raises an eyebrow and admits that right now his early retirement package is looking pretty good. She's stricken, but he's fairly calm about it and gets out of the car, wishing her good night. After he goes, she sits and thinks some more.

April, looking rather deflated, shuffles out of the hospital to go home but she's excited when she sees Matthew waiting for her outside. She tells him that the kid is doing great, and he grins at the news and then starts stuttering a little while shuffling his feet nervously. He admits that he had a speech planned but he seems to just turn to goo when she's around. Finally, he tells her that she is the most fearless, beautiful woman he's ever met, and he really, really likes her. She's totally touched at this romantic declaration and cuts off some more of his stuttering with a long kiss. Stephanie and Jackson then walk outside to leave; Stephanie is all stoked to have her arms around his hot torso and doesn't notice them but Jackson sure does, and it looks like it takes some effort for him to turn back around and keep walking away.

As Alex is still digesting Mere's advice, Princess bounds up and grabs him by the hand to go show him something. She takes him into a supply closet where she pulls out a big pink bakery box of donuts that she stole from the dermatology nurses, since she claims they wouldn't eat them anyway since they are too health-conscious. I think that everyone claims that, but from experience in various workplaces, donuts disappear pretty quickly the second they are set out. Regardless, she hands him a powdered donut and then takes one herself, congratulating them on a great day. She then takes a big bite that leaves powdered sugar all over her mouth, while he just sort of stares, struck dumb. She's weirded out and asks him what's wrong, but he says nothing and takes his own bite as he VOs, "You realize the ground beneath you has shifted." Barf. (Fine, she was also easier to take for much of this episode. But we've got over half a season of her being beyond annoying that she's going to have to make up for before I begin to consider this could be an okay idea.)

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