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Facing Off

The problem with working in an ER-turned-construction site is that there aren't many supplies available -- something it seems most of them didn't think about beforehand. Nicole is kind of fed up by the whole messy situation but she goes to get them a portable suction machine from the ambulance. Smash then hollers at them that someone is coming so they turn out the lights and wait, with someone pumping air for the kid manually. Finally, they get the all clear and get back to work.

Stephanie's job is to babysit the photographers, who seem to doubt the story that Jackson is taking a power nap and Alex is at the dentist. Trying to come up with something better, she has the idea to show them Jackson's lab where he grows skin. Growing organs from scratch is a pretty good distraction for a lot of things, methinks.

When Nicole gets back she witnesses more panic as the docs realize they are missing an ultrasound machine. She finally yells at Matthew that if this kid dies because he decided to bring April along on the world lamest date... Jackson is hard at work but his ears still prick up at the word "date" and he seems less than happy to hear it. The next order of business is to figure out the IV drip rate but no one has a calculator and all are at a loss since they usually rely on a nurse to tell them what to do. Princess takes matters into her own, er, brain, and out loud she quickly works through a complicated equation until she comes up with the correct rate. Everyone kind of gapes at her, impressed, but they are thrown back into the moment when they realize they don't actually have access to any narcotics. Cue Derek's triumphant entrance and Jackson starting to melt down at the party this has become. But Mere called him because she knew this would happen and he tells them he has the codes to get to the medicine, so to tell him what they need.

Callie and Richard have been dismissed from their fifteen-minute appointment and while Callie is upset that all Kan could offer was advice to not smoke, Richard points out that he was found healthy which is, in fact, correct. She's worried they look suspicious now that they are just wandering around so Richard tells her they should get coffee, since you always look like you belong when you have coffee. That's actually weirdly true. The two and their coffees walk up to a group of doctors who are talking and Richard asks Callie loudly if 15 minutes is enough time to learn anything about a patient. One of the docs turns around and assures him that you get efficient, but Richard has more questions. When the docs get suspicious he introduces himself and Callie, using their real names (to Callie's horror) but then says that they are reps from Pegasus who are just checking in to see if the doctors have questions or concerns. They're so stunned to hear that Pegasus cares that they don't notice Callie chuckling way too hard for this to be real.

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