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Is That a Penis in Your Cooler, or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Previously, the really good-looking interns all started working at Seattle Grace. Meredith found out her one-night stand is her boss. Meredith's mom is a legend at the hospital, and she has Alzheimer's, which no one knows.

Meredith pins up a flyer in the locker room soliciting roommates. Meanwhile, a ferry is heading towards the city. She VOs the Theme of the Week. "It's all about lines. The finish line at the end of residency, waiting in line for a chance at the operating table, and then, there's the most important line. The line separating you from the people you work with." As part of the arrival montage Cristina zooms up on a motorcycle, while George forgets something and pops back into his car. "It doesn't help to get too familiar. To make friends. You need boundaries between you and the rest of the world." Gee, I wonder if maybe her thinking might be changed by the end of today. That would be SHOCKING. While they all get scrubbed up in the locker room, Alex checks out Izzie, and Meredith puts some cute, preppy leopard flats away in her locker.

Meredith interviews an eager blonde girl, telling her that she's not right to be her roommate. To illustrate why, she asks where Blondie was when the Challenger exploded. After a quick "huh?" Blondie guesses she was in kindergarten. "Exactly," points out Meredith.

Izzie is bitching, wondering why Meredith is even bothering to put up flyers -- she wants to move in, but Meredith explains that they don't want to live together after the 100 hours per week they already spend working together. Meredith is holding a coffee, which she tries unsuccessfully to convince Cristina is not a bribe for Bailey. Izzie and now George keep trying to convince her why they should be her new roommates. George's argument is that his mom irons his scrubs. Izzie says she loves to clean. Despite (or because of) the pathetic and kind of awesome arguments, she shoots them down. Bailey arrives to assign them to their posts for the day: George is on the code team, Meredith is in the trauma cage, Cristina has to handle the weekend's lab results, and Izzie is doing sutures. Meredith approaches Bailey to ask about assisting in the OR, and quickly offers her a mocha latte, which must be all the tastier having been flavored with the desperation of an intern's surgical longing. Everyone else pipes in since Meredith loosened the floodgates but Bailey shuts them all up, telling them that their only job is to keep her happy. "Do I look happy? No. Why? Because my residents are whiny." She orders them to their jobs, grabs the latte, and declares as she departs, "No one holds a scalpel until I'm so happy, I'm Mary freaking Poppins." Cristina pauses to give Meredith shit about the coffee, but Bailey scatters them.

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