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Is That a Penis in Your Cooler, or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Back inside, Burke reports to Meredith that Baby Blueberry does in fact have a birth defect. She was right, and they'll operate the next day. But when she thanks Burke for backing her, he puts on the brakes to her joy. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You were right. But if you ever pull a stunt like that again, going to the parents behind a doctor's back, trying to steal a patient from another service, I will make your residency here hell on earth." He then goes to greet the parents, and it seems that despite the lecture, Meredith is just happy to have helped the baby; she goes off, smiling.

Catching up with the others: A much less happy, more nervous George is still leading the code team. Cristina is still dodging hugs. Izzie sneaks into a supply closet and begins loading supplies into her pockets. Derek does paperwork and monitors Allison. Finally, an upset George has to call yet another death.

In the shadow of the dumpster, but at least with the rain having stopped, Izzie finishes up the girl and puts a gigantic bandage on her forehead. She warns that she might have a scar since she didn't do her best work in the semi-dark in the parking lot. The young woman, however, is just happy and relieved, and very thankful. Izzie tells her to come back in five days and she'll meet them outside to check on her. She warns them not to let anyone know what she did since she could lose her license, but considering where the women were coming from, I think this is a television secret that might actually stay secret. As she cleans up, a grateful Mrs. Lu runs back to her, clearly thanking her profusely. Izzie looks pleased to have really helped.

Bailey and Burke are hanging out inside, and Burke asks if she thinks he's too confident. Bailey gives a quick "no." He knows she's lying, but she points out, "You are my boss." His ego already bruised and needing to know the truth, he gives her a 30-second pass to say anything she wants. Bailey winds up. "I think you're cocky, arrogant, bossy, and pushy, you also have a god complex, you never think about anybody but your damn self." He starts to look perplexed, this maybe being a little more than he expected. He tries to interrupt, "But I... " Bailey cuts him off. "'But' what. I still have 22 more seconds. I'm not done." He looks decidedly put in his place.

During another intern bitchfest, this time in the locker room, George moans about losing five patients. "I feel like the angel of death." Cristina's not doling out any sympathy, just telling him that 95% of the codes are basically dead anyway and have no hope of being revived. George is completely aghast that no one told him this. I'm curious how he got through medical school without knowing, since it seems kind of like an important fact. Regardless, he demands to know why she didn't tell him this while he was flaunting his job that morning. "Because," she says, "you're George, and I'm Cristina." Well... you can't argue that. It's a reasonable explanation. George, who's been chewing on a toothpick, suddenly is pick-less in a little editing blip. Well, hopefully it's a blip and he didn't swallow it in his indignation.

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