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Is That a Penis in Your Cooler, or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Meredith moseys around the hospital, carrying a cooler containing the chomped-off penis. She heads into the Chief's office, who is on his way to meet her. His secretary absolutely lights up with undisguised excitement and asks, "Is that it?" After a pause she quickly adds, "Can I see it?" Meredith is taken aback, so she backs down, but you can tell she'd have been delighted if Meredith had agreed to it. When Richard enters the room, he asks after her mother. Meredith uncomfortably, vaguely says she's taking time off, and Richard gaily guesses, "To write another book, I suppose." Instead of replying, Meredith forges ahead, saying that she's got the... package. There, I couldn't help myself. Unfortunately for her, she's not going to be handing it off anytime soon. The regulations state that whoever collected it needs to hold on to it and give it to the police, who can't make it to the hospital for hours. Not exactly delighted to carry around someone else's salami for the day, she inquires, "So what am I supposed to do with a penis?" You might think this is going to get old. If you're like me and giggle at these jokes like a 12-year-old? It totally doesn't. Richard, ever the gentleman and boss, just purses his lips instead of responding.

Cristina, it turns out, handles her patients with nothing but the utmost gentle care and empathy. By that, I mean that she's able to tell people in very clinical terms what's wrong with them while acting bored out of her mind with a touch of resentment thrown in. After giving her first patient the long name for his condition, she tells him it's treatable, and after a long pause he and his family finally realize that this is good news they're receiving. The women around him begin to hug and weep, which confuses emotionless Cristina. She's even more befuddled when she is hugged and kissed also. Alex smirks at her as she endures the indignity of receiving human happiness in physical form.

Back at one of the stations, Meredith puts the cooler down and George bugs her about what's inside. Meredith assures him he doesn't want to know, but being the eager peppy beaver that he is, he persists. Meredith asks, "You really want to know?" He nods. "It's a severed penis." It turns out he really didn't want to know.

Cristina and Alex come by, each trying to designate the other as the hug-receiver. Alex tells her he doesn't do hugs. "And besides, you're the ovarian sister here." She's aghast, screaming at him, "Since when did possession of ovaries become an insult?" But also, Alex? It's a little redundant; your insult skills need fine-tuning. Does that mean that somehow, someone's the ovarian brother? See -- think it over and get back to us. Changing the subject, in his ever-eager way, George announces, "Meredith's carrying a penis around in a jar." Well, a cooler, but the point is taken. I love that she's actually gone into the back office, leaving George with the cooler sitting right in front of his face. Meredith corrects him on the jar/cooler point, and Cristina swings at the softball lobbed her way and quips, "Talk about taking a bite out of crime."

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