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Mere kicks off this week reminding us that as kids we always wanted things to stay the same, and surgeons are just the same in that they want the same hospital, nurses, dreamy-haired neurosurgeons, hot dirty plastic surgeons, etc. which makes things awkward when, at the end of your 5-year residency, you are supposed to find a new job. She is at the airport and notices Cristina also on her way out the door. They are both on their way back from job interviews and Cristina laments that wherever she was in Dallas, she is already a better surgeon than anyone there. She decides that she's sick of this traveling and from now on she's going to make the hospitals come to her. Mere looks great, by the way -- motherhood really does agree with her. And I kind of want her skinny jeans/blue top with sparkly stripes/sweater hoodie/ankle boots/scarf outfit but worry I might not look as effortlessly marvelous in it as she does.

Mere is supposed to head to Boston later that night for an interview with Brigham and Women's Hospital but admits she's thinking of canceling and Cristina immediately calls her an idiot for canceling an interview for a crazy prestigious hospital such as that. Mere stops listening to her, though, both because she seems to want to and also because her cute husband and cuter daughter are waiting for her, and Zola even has a balloon for the occasion. Mere starts to ask if Owen is picking Cristina up and catches herself just as it's too late; Cristina briefly makes fun and then gratefully accepts a ride home. But she then turns to Derek and tattles on Mere for wanting to cancel her Brigham interview. Derek agrees with her and exposits for us that you don't cancel on the best general surgery program in the country. Mere points out that he's almost done building the house and that he has a good job but he counters that there are jobs and houses to be had elsewhere. Cristina is happy he's on her side and then picks up Zola as they all make their way to the car.

Richard is visiting Adele at Rose Ridge and as they sit down to enjoy coffee and a croissant she giggles that she has a secret, and makes him promise not to tell anyone. Good naturedly he agrees to this and is in no way prepared for the bombshell she doesn't know she is dropping: she's in love. And it's not with Richard, but with some other dude sitting across the room, wiggling his fingers hello at her. Poor Richard can't help but look completely devastated.

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