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One week later we find Jackson carving... an ear? Out of... soap? It sounds like med libs but seriously, that's what it appears to be. The woman he's meeting with is impressed with his work but it only takes her about three seconds for her to work his grandfather into the conversation and ask if he thinks Harper might be interested in doing a lecture for them. Jackson gives a knowing, disappointed nod.

Next we see him complaining to the other residents about the experience. They are also excitedly watching Holly, who is in the cafeteria in her bathrobe, trying to get herself some lunch. April commentates as she almost talks to the soup guy but then at the last moment turns away; at first I thought they were being completely mean but on second viewing at least some of them (April, Lexie, Avery) seem supportive. Lexie actually thinks Mere is being completely mean to not get some food for her but Mere explains that the psychologist thinks Holly needs to learn to do some things by herself since she is going home soon. Cristina brings up Boston again and Meredith again tries to convince her that she's not avoiding it.

April begins to gripe about people caring about personality more than resume so Alex uses the opportunity to dump on her about how annoying she is. Avery takes a lighter tone, telling her to just try to be a little less... her, but he's cut off from saying any more when Mark comes up and literally grabs him by the ear. Mark heard that he walked out on his UCLA interview and demands that he call and apologize, though Avery tries to call it "respectfully withdrawing his application." Lexie seems incredibly invested in the scene that's playing out with her two hot exes, like she finds it strangely hot. Alex mumbles about Arizona and takes off. This leaves the girls at the table and Holly comes up and joins them, admitting that she didn't talk to anyone but she did manage to tackle the self-serve station. She's very proud of herself and while the others doubt a plate full of desserts like she has is the best meal, they give her supportive smiles.

Alex has run off to confront Arizona about being a crappy mentor, and after she tells him about another interview at a tiny, no-name hospital, admits that she invested tons of time in turning him into a great doctor and doesn't want him to go anywhere else. As we've heard twelve billion times, this is a teaching hospital, so isn't that actually the entire point? Just in case the audience is super dense Alex actually then says, like her admitting it didn't already confirm this, that she doesn't want him to go. I hate this scene. It makes me cranky. Basically she claims to feel guilty without sounding like it at all, and though Alex is fascinated to hear that he's her best candidate for the fellowship, he yells at her that she should want him to stay because he wants to rather than because he doesn't have another choice. He then orders her to start making some real calls on his behalf.

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