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Mere visits Holly in her room to congratulate her on her success in the cafeteria and though Holly brushes it off, she seems rather proud. Mere tells her it's hard enough to navigate even for those who haven't been... Holly jumps in and finishes, "Kept in a basement for 12 years?" Mere says tactfully, "Who haven't been through what you have been through." Holly demands to know why Mere always talks around it and says that her parents and the psychologist do it too when she tries to talk about the kicking, raping, and starving that she went through. She's upset because for years she couldn't talk about her parents and now she can't talk about him. Meredith tries to convince her she can, but Holly is totally right that she's been soft-pedaling things. Finally Holly says that it wasn't always bad with the guy, that sometimes he would let her come upstairs and watch movies. When she got there she found one of the movies they had watched and she actually started to miss him. She sounds grossed out about it, and I think Mere is wishing she had some psych training right now. Holly begs her not to tell anyone and Mere struggles to keep a straight face; she's clearly worried but does a pretty good job appearing neutral. As Holly starts to cry because she thinks she doesn't feel as happy to be home as she is supposed to, Mere assures her that however she is feeling is okay.

Cristina goes to pick up another basket and is disgusted to see that someone sent her boring, healthy fruit. As she mocks the low-rent program who would do such a thing Owen hears her and asks who it is from. Oh, just a little place called Hopkins

. Cristina has the good grace to seem slightly embarrassed at her attitude and Owen sincerely tells her that this is something amazing that she should be proud of. After he turns away, she thinks a moment and then offers him an apple. He accepts and they just sit, finally able to rest in each others' company at least for a brief moment.

Back at Rose Ridge, it looks like Richard has had Adele's room changed since he comments on the beautiful new view she has out the window. There is also now a twin bed, which I thought she had before, but she and Alan were definitely in one that was wider. Who knows? Whatever the room, Adele is forlorn without Alan and tells Richard sadly that she doesn't know what she did wrong to make him stay away. Richard tells her that she didn't do anything wrong, and tries to remind her that they have been married for over 30 years. He picks up a picture of them on their wedding day -- I don't quite know how the show made this happen but it really does look like both of their young selves in the photo. Adele especially looks phenomenal. He reminds her of their engagement and wedding, and then begins singing, "My Funny Valentine." But unlike last time, there isn't even the tiniest spark of recognition from their song. She finally calls again for Alan and asks Richard, "Can you help me find him, Sir?" She adds that he loves her, and wouldn't just disappear. It's absolutely horrible to watch because that is now exactly what has happened to Richard since it seems like Adele is now pretty much completely gone from him.

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