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Mere VO's about having to let go of the past before you move on. Teddy finds Owen in the hall and begs him to make Cristina stay in Seattle. She babbles nervously about her going to visit Columbia and how Seattle Grace is going to lose someone who is gifted and brilliant, but Owen is just looking at her like he's thinking, do you really think none of this has crossed my mind? Out loud, he just tells Teddy that it's Cristina's decision and he can't make her stay. Teddy, who has gone out of her way to shut out Owen, actually runs after him as he walks away and says that he's her husband, and she doesn't care what happened between them, Owen has to fix it and make her stay. And with that, she crosses the line. Owen tells her evenly that as head of cardio it is Teddy's job to make her stay if she wants her that badly. He then growls that she's never to talk to him about his wife again because he is only her Chief, not her friend. "You've made that very clear." Amazingly, she seems quite hurt by this even though he is 100% right.

Mere VOs that letting go is easy, but moving on is painful. Richard is in the process of trying to do the first. As they sit in matching chairs in the lounge he tells her that she's got a good life here and he knows he can get in the way, but if she ever needs anything she can call and he'll be there in a second, no matter what. He tells her he loves her, but she looks almost bored by his speech, and it's basically just painful and tragic all around. She begins to giggle, and Richard realizes that Alan has walked up behind him. As Adele beams, a desperately sad Richard stands up and offers Alan his seat. As he walks away, the two new lovebirds grasp hands and gaze at each other while Adele excitedly tells Alan she's been waiting for him.

That night, the residents are at the airport bar as they all wait for flights off to more interviews. April wonders how she can be less herself, so Cristina takes her binders and dumps them in the bar trash can. April is horrified, but Cristina is probably doing the right thing for her. Alex walks up in a suit, much to Avery's amusement, but he defends that this is in case his flight gets delayed; he's not taking a chance now that he has an interview with Yale. He then takes off his suit coat and balls it up on the counter and I started to actually yell at TV that he has no clue, but Avery saves the coat and my voice and folds it up all neatly so that Alex doesn't turn up looking like a hobo. Mere walks up and joins them just as April and Avery leave for their gate. Alex decides to leave too, just to insure he doesn't miss his own flight. As Mere sits down, Cristina orders two tequilas. Aw, cheers to them and their tequila-soaked history. Overall, these two still have the best relationship on this show. They clink glasses and joke about picking up businessmen until Cristina's flight is called. As she's about to leave Mere calls after her and asks if she really wants to leave. Cristina answers matter-of-factly that they have been preparing for this moment for five years, and Mere really should want to go too." She thinks about this as she VOs that at some point you have to just let go and move on.

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