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At the hospital, Cristina smirks as she walks into the locker room carrying a gift basket roughly the size of a smart car and gloats that the NIH is courting her. Alex is extra bitter because it's not just that he's not getting gift baskets -- he has no interviews scheduled at all. Even April makes fun of him and that's kind of a low point. He gripes that the Boards are coming up in a couple of weeks anyway and there's only so much a guy can handle. Sadly for him, everyone else seems to be handling it okay, even if they are a bit frazzled. Owen runs in and announces that there is a trauma patient arriving by helicopter but when he tells Alex and April to come with him, she reminds him that she's leaving for an interview at Northwestern. Jackson is busy, which leaves an uncomfortable moment with Owen gazing at Mere and Cristina. Cristina completely avoids his gaze and so he stares at Mere with pleading in his eyes until she says she can do it.

Their patient is a female hiker who was found at the bottom of a ravine in rather horrible shape. Mere introduces herself but the girl is panicking and doesn't seem able to talk so they just rush her inside.

Mere then gets her prepared for a scan of sorts that involves putting some sort of cage over the girl's head, which is something that would freak me out in the best of conditions. Mere tells her to stay calm but as she turns to leave the girl grabs her hand, and Mere notices that she's got horrible bruises on her wrists and ankles that appear to be from her being bound in some way. Mere realizes that the girl wasn't hiking and gets a terrified nod to affirm this, so Mere calls to Owen that she's staying in during the scan and gets kitted out in a lead apron so that she can hold the poor girl's hand.

A bunch of the surgeons then gather to look at her scans, which show that she has had a number of broken bones that were left to heal incorrectly. Arizona comes in because Owen thought the girl was young but she looks at the scans and points out that the growth plates are closed which means she is an adult and should not be treated in pediatrics. Alex asks her how she's doing with scheduling interviews for him and she breezily assures him she's working on it, but that he's a bit of an acquired taste, like blue cheese. As Alex reels from being compared to stinky cheese (but this also means he is DELICIOUS. And now I want a snack. I am far too suggestible) and the other surgeons all stare at the scans, Teddy tells them that she's seen injuries like this before, but they were all in Iraq, in patients that were tortured.

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