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Once in the OR they tell Owen that she was abused and Mere suggests they call the police -- let's take a moment to note this, that the police have not yet been called -- but Owen thinks they can't be sure of anything until the girl talks to them. They run down all of the things she needs fixed right away, including a celiac artery graft, but before they put her under Mere walks around and gently asks if she fell while she was running from someone. Mere assures her that she is safe, and they just want to know her name. The girl finally talks and stutters that "he" called her Susan, but she thinks her name is Holly. At this revelation, the surgeons all exchange horrified looks over their masks. This show has made me so good at reading people's emotions just from their eyes; I should set up a booth at the fair to make some money on the side guessing what they are thinking and feeling.

At her Northwestern interview, April is cheerfully taking the overwhelmed interviewers through the binders she has prepared about herself. The notebook features sections like achievements and letters of recommendation from satisfied patients. One of the interviewers, dismayed, notes that one of the letters is over five pages long but April seems incredibly proud of her feedback. As she chirps away, talking just a little bit too fast, the three interviewers all look slightly frightened.

Once Holly has been put under, the surgeons are all atwitter and don't really heed Derek's warning that they can't jump to conclusions since it's not been confirmed that this is the girl. Lexie begins to tell the story of Holly Wheeler but Bailey grows impatient that Lexie has the details wrong and jumps in to take over: Holly was six years old when she was snatched from outside a grocery store. Her mom had run into a neighbor and was talking about the block party they were going to have, and how she thought she'd bring a salad since there were enough desserts already. Everyone in the room notices that Bailey seems to remember a serious amount detail about the case, and Bailey herself starts to get emotional and even a little panicky as she talks about how it only took a moment for Holly to be taken, and how she thinks of this story each time Tuck walks out the door. She then tries to compose herself as she reminds everyone that they don't know if this is her, but she's interrupted by Owen and Mere who have just returned from talking to the police, who told them that Holly has a birthmark on her arm. They lift Holly's arm up just to the elbow and then Bailey shrugs like, "Guess it's not her," so Mere has to point out that they should lift it higher. People, you are surgeons; you know that someone's arm reaches all the way to their elbow. Sure enough, there is the mark that confirms that this is in fact the kidnap victim who has been missing for years.

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