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Teddy is standing at the nurses station when another basket is delivered for Cristina and she pulls the card out to see who it is from, earning a rebuke from the nurse on duty. Cristina walks up and is totally flip about the whole thing and not impressed when she hears that the heart-shaped cookies are from the Cleveland Clinic. I love that these days we're all supposed to be about health, but a hospital wooing a surgeon goes straight for giant quantities of sugar. They obviously share Mark's opinion on the importance of quality baked goods. Teddy tells Cristina she's not going to grovel and then promptly begins to grovel a little, reminding her that they have an impressive stem cell project going. Cristina eats a cookie and comments that this is sweet to hear Teddy try to woo her, but is clearly unmoved and the two just head off to do some work.

Out of surgery, Derek and Mere are examining a seemingly numb, shocked Holly while Owen watches and two cops and another doctor wait at the door. She introduces herself as Dr. Fincher, a therapist, and asks Holly if she's okay with the police asking her a few questions. Holly looks to Mere for guidance and the glance is not lost on Fincher at all; when Mere gives Holly a nod, she agrees to speak. She gives the cops the name of her kidnapper and one of them runs off to get to work. The other asks her about the location where she was kept but after she tells him that it was a house with a basement she starts to get agitated and Fincher says that they can stop. Holly gives the tiniest of nods so Mere speaks up and says yes, let's stop for now.

Outside, Fincher lets the Owen and Derek have it for not calling her as soon as they called the police because now Holly has bonded with a surgeon totally untrained on how to handle a situation like this. As you know I am not defending many of Owen's actions these days but in this case, at least from what we saw, that bonding took place immediately before anyone even realized the true nature of the situation, and by the time they knew to call the police it was already cemented. Also, since it appears this is pretty much right after Holly's surgery, it doesn't seem like they dithered too much in calling psych after the police were called.

Meredith joins them and Owen tells her they think she should stay with Holly until her parents arrive. She points out that she has no training but Fincher explains that Holly has had no control over her life for the past twelve years, so now they have to let her know she's in control and that happens by letting her have whatever she wants, including Meredith. She tells Mere they will work together, and Mere of course agrees because she's not an ogre. Whatever, this has been contrived so that now we get how unusual and possibly important this bond is. Fincher goes to call the parents and Meredith immediately gets defensive, asking Derek if she really could have said sorry, she can't help because she has an important job interview. I also think that this is a case where the interviewers would understand the situation as they are all doctors and this is unusual, extreme, and very delicate. But whatever, we're obviously supposed to realize that Mere does not actually seem too shattered to postpone her meeting. And anyway, she tells Derek she can catch the last flight out once Holly's parents arrive.

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