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When Richard has a chance to speak to Owen he tells him that he's doing a good job with a tough case, but Owen disagrees and admits that between dealing with the parents and the press, he's totally out of his depth. Richard offers to deal with the parents and advises Owen on who to call in security and PR to help take care of the situation. He then adds that Owen should go home and make sure his suits are clean for all of the press conferences he is about to have. He assures Owen that he will be okay and pats his arm before leaving and the takeaway is that of the two of them he is obviously the only one who knows what he is doing right now.

Later that night Cristina finds Owen and asks about Holly; when she gets a long and detailed answer she asks Mere point-blank if she is trying to get out of her Brigham interview. Mere of course denies it but she's not entirely convincing and Cristina says she thinks Mere wants to stay and raise "happy cutie babies" with her "happy cutie husband." Mere snaps back at her, asking why she's so fine with leaving. Cristina answers matter-of-factly that she's a surgeon who wants to work with the best, and Mere should too. Alex comes up and asks them if they've heard of a hospital called Carson Methodist which is outside of Toledo. The girls don't even know if Toledo is an American city, so they certainly haven't heard of this place where Alex now has an interview. Cristina makes fun of him and wishes him goodbye since they are clearly on different career paths. We're saved more mean-spirited mocking and yet more of Alex's defensive sniping by Holly's parents Frank and Kathleen, who sweep in. Mere seems nervous on Holly's behalf as Kathleen begins to cry that it's her.

She manages to compose herself once they are in the room but as she tells Holly she'd know her anywhere, that she is her perfect daughter, Holly's fist is balled into a tight fist and she's shaking. Kathleen asks tentatively if it might be okay to give her a hug and after Mere gives her a tiny nod, Holly gives a similar tiny nod to her mother. She and Frank practically fall onto her, crying and holding her, and she looks terrified and suffocated while Mere watches, worried.

Five days later, Alex is at Carson Methodist and all I can think of is the tiny hospital in Jupiter Hollow at the beginning of Big Business where the Ratliff and Shelton twins were mixed up and shenanigans were begun. The doctor showing Alex around is really nice but ultimately admits that what excites him about Alex is the money he raised for the African kids, since Carson Methodist is working to upgrade their NICU. He then signs off on the discharge of a liver patient transplant and Alex learns that the hospital is so small they can't yet handle that serious a procedure. By the time the guy excitedly offers to take Alex to the cafeteria for make-your-own-sundae day, Alex looks like a deer in the headlights, if a deer could sneer while trying to force a game smile.

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