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Cristina arrives at her apartment and as she gets to the top of the stairs dumps her bag and then takes off her jacket and leaves it in a heap on the floor. I was appalled until I remembered that she was always known for being a slob, but I guess Owen must have helped keep this place under control. I mean, I'm still appalled as I veer into Monica Geller territory when it comes to my home, but it was a nice reminder of the Cristina from years ago and how she's already slipping back into her single ways. She stops when she sees men's clothes strewn around and then jumps out of her skin when Owen walks into the room. The two are really stilted even when she's startled but she admits she thought he was the kidnapper. Why, pray tell, would the kidnapper be in their apartment rifling through her estranged husband's dress shirts? Really, it's just something stupid she says so that we learn from Owen that they caught the guy. He was at the apartment to get more suits for yet more press conferences, and he apologizes that he thought she would be studying at Mere's. She's more defensive than mean when she says she came home to take a shower. He immediately starts to throw things in a bag as he offers to leave but after a moment she tells him he should stay since she's sleeping at Meredith's until the Boards. There's a note of hope in his voice as he asks if she is sure and she's quick to say it's just until the Boards are over.

At the hospital, Mere is showing Holly a photo album from her childhood and she also has a stuffed purple bunny that she reportedly loved -- all these things are hopefully going to help her remember her life before the kidnapping. Holly is silent a while before asking if her parents seriously thought this would work, and Mere gently defends that they are just trying to help her remember since she was so young. Holly retorts that Mere can tell them she remembers everything, but that's just like she remembers the first time her kidnapper made her take her clothes off and then kicked her when she didn't act like she liked it. She goes on to talk about more horrible things he did to her, like convincing her that her family didn't want her and engraining that so fully in her mind that she couldn't bring herself to fully try to escape. The only reason she escaped now was because he told her he was going to kidnap a new girl since Holly was so used up and disgusting. Mere manages to keep a straight face but it is wrenching and Holly is shaking as she talks.

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