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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Derek broke up, Norman the World's Oldest Intern started working at the hospital and so did Lexie Grey, the Chief's niece had ovarian cancer, Izzie wouldn't kiss Alex after Denny died, and all of last week's episode.

Mere starts us up as usual. "In life, only one thing is certain, apart from death and taxes." Which is that that particular cliché is used way, way too often. ...No? Hmm. Her answer is, "No matter how hard you try, no matter how good your intentions, you are going to make mistakes. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to get hurt. And if you ever want to recover..." George and Callie are in their room; it looks like he's been standing and she's been sitting there all night, and he is begging her to just say something. Mere finishes, "There's only one thing you can say." Callie finally speaks to tell him, "I forgive you." Clearly, from the look on George's face, this was the one answer he wasn't expecting at all. She goes on to explain that he made a mistake, but that they took vows and so she forgives him. In addition to not expecting this, his face says it's not really what he wanted to hear, either.

George sprints through the hospital while on his phone, begging Izzie to answer hers. Given the fact that she's done nothing but stalk him, I'm frankly surprised she doesn't have it set to a special "George" ring so that she doesn't miss him. Something subtle like, "The Greatest Love of All." Mere sees him run by and calls after him about rounds in five minutes, but he's a cartoon blur saying he needs to find Izzie. Derek then gets into the elevator where Mere's waiting as if on cue. Once the doors are closed and it becomes a love nest, he proposes going away for the weekend. She comes up for air and warily says that sounds like a couple activity, but he relentlessly illustrates that it will just be the kissing like they're doing right now. Presumably with fewer layers of pesky clothing in between. She continues arguing that they didn't even go away when they were a couple, while he keeps trying to convince her that though they'd be in wine country, they will not have a chance to drink any wine. Meredith finally clues in to the idea being a weekend of nothing but sex, and agrees that she's in, if she can find someone to cover her shift. As she gets off the elevator, she saucily calls back that she's in for 48 uninterrupted hours of "this." Mere, maybe you should yell it a little louder; I'm not sure every single person on the floor heard. And trust me when I tell you that they all know what "this" is.

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