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George goes to pick up Ruthie's labs and is asked by the tech who his money is on. "Guess you got to back the wife, huh?" Oblivious, he gently says the fight is just a rumor, and that Callie is too mature for that. Let it be noted that he didn't say that Izzie is too mature for a fight. She tells him that's not what she just heard from the cafeteria, and after a silent moment, George sprints away. He's getting a really good workout today; he's run more wind sprints than my basketball team during our conditioning sessions.

Izzie starts stretching for her own workout, bragging that she learned how to fight in a trailer park. The clock then strikes noon, and Callie walks through the door. She calls Izzie's name, since Izzie's been too busy mouthing off to actually notice her opponent. Izzie turns around, then takes off her shoes and her jewelry as Alex calls out advice to protect her face. Ever practical, Cristina tells her to protect her surgeon's hands: "Your face can heal." Izzie starts jumping around with her fists up, telling Callie, "Let's go." But she's made to look even more ridiculous when Callie tells her she only wanted to talk. Izzie can't believe Callie doesn't want to kick her ass, and Callie laughs that off but then realizes a crowd has gathered to watch the proceedings. She sighs and then slowly walks out with as much pride as she can muster. An intern yells gleefully that Torres forfeits, but Izzie sinks into a chair. Cristina assures her, "You were very ghetto fabulous." Ghetto fabulous, maybe. Completely unsympathetic and unwatchable, totally. Alex leaves, passing George as he runs in and asks if they fought. Alex replies, "Nope. Guess they realized they were fighting over nothing." George catches Izzie's eye, and she sadly shakes her head. If George weren't in such an impossible situation, he might realize that for whatever reason, Alex is completely threatened by him. The doctor threatened by the repeater. That's got to count for something when the rest of your life is in shambles, right?

Derek, not caught up in the fight-night drama, is working on his weekend plans, and asks Mark if Napa or Sonoma is a better weekend getaway. Mark only replies that he hopes Derek won't mind if he kills his girlfriend. Derek corrects Mark that she's not his girlfriend but Mark continues rambling about interns needing to be seen and not heard, especially not by patients. Derek says that's how they learn, but Mark is mad that it means he has to teach and deal with their mistakes. Too bad Cristina isn't in plastics, she and Mark would make an ace team. All of the ego, none of the pesky instruction! Derek also tells him that Meredith doesn't screw up and isn't an intern. Realizing they're not quite having the same conversation, Mark tells him Sonoma is the better choice. "Smaller hotels, fewer tourists." That is, until this episode acts as a travel brochure shown to the entire nation during prime-time. Mark then gives the best advice he's uttered since he moved to Seattle. "And Meredith? She's still an intern, don't kid yourself. She's green, she's a baby. And the only difference between her and the old guy she's got trailing her is that you're not sleeping with the old guy." McSteamy: Manwhore, voice of reason, all-around hottie.

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