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Everyone Hates Izzie

Looking happily disheveled and post-"this," she runs into Cristina, who can't believe that she's in the pit today with "smackheads and gangbangers and my idiot interns," while Mere is getting "McDreamied" in the elevator. Good point, except that Seattle Grace is not actually a gritty urban hospital with quite that clientele, at least as a general rule, which Meredith points out. But Cristina's actual point is that she hates her interns. Mere does the unthinkable and says that Lexie isn't that bad, shocking both me and Cristina to the core. Mere admits that she still hates the idea of Lexie, but that the actual girl is okay. Cristina maintains that she is, on the sole basis of being an intern. Meredith remarks that Cristina might be the new Nazi, and she proudly replies, "Damn right." Meredith sends her own interns to get charts and then hops over to Alex to ask if he'll work for her on Saturday. The deal they strike is that he'll do it if she takes Norman for the day. Norman is currently sitting among a group of kids, putting stickers on their noses. I think this is supposed to illustrate how out of place he is, but I just find it irresistibly cute.

George is still doing laps around the hospital since he hasn't found Izzie, and Meredith calls after him that she'll have to put him in the clinic if he misses rounds. He's clearly been running too fast to think, and mention of the clinic reminds him that it is a possible Izzie Location, so he sprints there. He seems to have fairly good stamina with all this running; I think that if he fails again as an intern, he could just start running for a few months a la Forrest Gump. I'm not sure he could actually grow the requisite facial hair, though. He is always one remarkably clean-shaven man.

Bailey's in the clinic -- do they let her work entirely down there now? -- and she greets a patient named Ruthie and Ruthie's boyfriend, who seems totally douchey when, by way of introduction, he condescendingly jokes that he told Ruthie not to read on the Stairmaster. Turns out she fell off of one the night before and popped some ibuprofen for the pain, only to wake up with an ankle as swollen and blue as Ava's face when they first got her to the hospital last season. It turns out Ruthie takes it every day anyway because of all her working out, so she just doubled the dose, but it didn't help at all. When Bailey orders x-rays, Ruthie asks if she can have a cortisone shot instead so that she can still meet her trainer. Of course the answer is no since they don't know what's wrong, so Ruthie just asks how long it will take so that she can at least let her trainer know. This is why I feel like I'll never be in any danger of working out too much. My general attitude is, "Oh my gosh, a paper cut? That's it, clearly I can't work out until it heals." The scene is punctuated by George busting in, but Bailey sends him off to the pit since Izzie isn't there.

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