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Izzie finds Alex stitching up a guy's arm, and asks him for a favor. I'm sure the guy whose arm is the centerpiece to this conversation really appreciates being involved. Izzie asks what Alex is doing at lunch and he tells her jovially, "Well, according to my interns, I'm watching Torres kick your ass all up and down the cafeteria." Izzie wonders how they know, which tells Alex that it's true. He asks what Izzie did, and as she denies that she's responsible for this in any way, someone off-screen screams for help. Stitches Guy just hangs out, seemingly unperturbed at first being gossiped around and then getting left with thread sticking out of his arm.

A girl that we know is the Chief's niece (despite being played by a new actress) is gasping for breath on the table, and Adele breathes a sigh of relief that people she knows are now on hand. Izzie takes a long moment to pull her hair back into a ponytail as Alex checks out Camille. I don't know if that moment was meant to make her look even more unprofessional than usual today -- that's really a hard thing to do at this point -- but it has that effect. They can't intubate since something is blocking the airway, so they decide to go in surgically through her neck. Alex asks how many times she's done this, and in front of the girl's mother and aunt Izzie admits that this is her first, adding, "We better not screw this up." This is like a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Do they not teach these people at least to give the impression that they know what they're doing in front of a patient's loved ones? Camille's mom freaks out when they cut her throat, and at all the blood, Alex asks if she hit an artery. Izzie spits, "No, at least not on purpose." It's just another chapter in The Book Of Why Not To Be A Seattle Grace Patient. There's a few tense moments, but they intubate successfully. But Richard then walks in and demands to know what they hell they're doing to his niece. Hopefully not screwing up, Chief.

Alex and Izzie are now in the OR with the Chief, operating on Camille as he laments that she didn't need another surgery. Alex points out that she wasn't breathing, and he concedes that they did the right thing. He exposits what we learned before the prom -- that Camille was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 14, and has had both of her ovaries removed, as well as a hysterectomy. At that moment they find a huge mass in her airway, which Richard says they'll remove, but that they won't know how many more there are until they do a study. For the first time in memory, definitely at least this season, Izzie has a sincerely nice moment and tells him that she's sorry. He replies that Camille beat the cancer twice before. "She'll beat it again."

Mere and Norm happen upon Cristina in the hall, and Mere announces she just had to tell a 48-year-old woman she's going to die. Cristina points out that she could be telling a 24-year-old woman she's going to die, and motions towards Lexie laughing with Derek. Meredith is completely appalled, especially since she was nice to Lexie but is being repaid with Lexie talking about Mere behind Mere's back. Just then Lexie comes up and says hi. Norm greets her with an awkward-sounding "'Sup, Lexie?" and she can only laugh nervously yet politely. Mere grabs him and leaves, and once alone, Lexie tells Cristina that they're to meet in Adam's room in ten. At the dead silence, she suggests that Cristina could acknowledge that she heard her. Cristina finally looks up to say that she gets Lexie using the "Grey Sister" angle, but she's Cristina's intern and it's on Cristina if she kills anyone. Cristina orders her against the wall for the rest of the day. "You're an intern. Are we clear? Three?" Lexie waits a moment, screwing up her courage, and replies, "Lexie." She's only poked a sleeping bear, based on Cristina's tone, but she repeats that her name is not Three and walks away.

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