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Derek and Meredith are driving to work, the perfect family with the blindingly cute Zola in the backseat. The two adults are talking about the house; Derek seems like he might want Meredith to be a little bit involved in its construction but she's just happy to have him do what he wants and present it to her when it's all finished. From the backseat, Zola lets out a toddler-version roar and Mere congratulates her on making the same sound a lion makes. She doesn't seem to question why Zola was thinking about lions until she turns around and they see a very large one sauntering through the intersection.

Outside the car, a lot of panicked screaming starts up while Mere and Derek just gape in disbelief. Mere's VO teaches us that there's a phrase they use in the operating room: "Don't pet the lion." This means that no matter how small and easy a tumor it looks, it's still a tumor and is dangerous. Where, I ask you, was "Don't pet the lion" last week, then, when she and Lexie happily pet the lion and incapacitated a young woman? Was there too much going on to work that storyline into this episode? My guess is yes, but it just makes this kind of stupidly awkward.

Also awkward: Cristina and Owen's home life, since she isn't talking to him and they both seem to be walking on eggshells. Their roles have now switched: after weeks of trying to avoid talking to his wife, Owen is now begging her to talk to him and she's aggressively uninterested in doing so. It's too little, too late.

Teddy, meanwhile, has managed to get herself to a grief support group but she's not actually enthusiastic about it. The woman leading the group is telling this incredibly well-dressed group of widows that when they have a quiet moment alone, she wants them to say to themselves, "I am a widow"; she assures them that it will feel weird and stupid at first but that it really will help to give them some closure and strength. A woman then pipes up to say that she is shocked by how sudden her husband's death was since he just had a couple of "blockages" and some "minor" congestive heart failure.

Teddy responds to this with a belly laugh and the other women look shocked and appalled at her behavior. She proceeds to tell the woman, in a voice dripping with attitude, how her husband's symptoms mean he was super sick and it was a miracle he lasted as long as he did, and by the way, there's no such thing as "mild" congestive heart failure. I understand that she is supposed to be a mess but I'm not sure I buy that she'd really act like this in front of this group. Yes, we're supposed to see that she's got major issues that she's trying to bury and they are manifesting themselves in her totally inappropriate behavior. Her laughing, I totally understand. But I don't believe that she'd actually be a complete asshole to another new widow.

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