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After his surgery, Jonathan is moaning about how much of a wussy he is while Richard and Avery putter around him. He explains that they met on a dating site and because she was adventurous and outdoorsy, he maybe kinda sorta portrayed himself as the same. And this is why online dating isn't necessarily placing an order and getting what you want, boys and girls. Also, apparently your date might have a lion as a pet. He knew Naomi was disappointed when she met him but even so, she stuck around hoping maybe to find some of that guy he pretended to be. But Jonathan admits to screaming like a little girl when he shoved his arm into Kirby's mouth and goes back to calling himself a wussy.

Now, after two viewings, the next thing that happened came out of left field. I guess Richard must have remembered Jonathan saying that the lion lunged at him? Or he just decides that he feels sorry for the poor dork and wants to make him feel better? Either way, Richard suddenly gets wide-eyed and asks in awe if Jonathan is saying that Kirby was going for Naomi and not for him and that he stuck his arm in the lion's mouth to stop him. What? I don't know. I'm leaning towards Richard pitying him because this is so pulled from nowhere. He manages to convince Jonathan that he's actually the hero of the hour, a white knight who saved the princess. Avery seems to be sharing my thoughts but when Richard prompts him he comes to and pretends to agree. Honestly, other than the fact that he's a fun character actor who was on a beloved show, I will never understand why Richard took such a shine to him. It wasn't just the tooth because he was sticking up for him before that too.

Teddy and Alex, still high from their surgical triumph, are on their way out to go talk to Emma; Teddy wants Alex to come along and he teases her that she just wants an audience. They are stopped short, though, when they round the corner and come face-to-face with a livid Morgan. Teddy goes off to talk to Emma alone so that Alex and Morgan can talk.

She tells him why she now knows about AND; she has to decide today if they are going to operate on Tommy or not. This seems to stun Alex, who stares a moment, slackjawed, and then tells her he didn't think they were there already. She yells that this is because he disappeared, and then turns sad as she tells him that since Tommy had such a good day the day before, she went online and bought a used crib. I am not superstitious about a ton of things but the ability to jinx stuff is one of my things and this is why. But now, she wants Alex to tell her what she should do. No matter how stupid he was to let this situation get to this point in the first place, and how clumsily he is handling it now, that one question just proved that he is doing the right thing.

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