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He gives her the doctor's line, about considering quality of life, but this enrages her and she yells that she doesn't need another doctor right now. He tells her it's not his decision as he's neither boyfriend nor father, and she can't believe he's using this moment to prove that point and accuses him of being an asshole at the worst moment of her life. Alex yells back that this isn't the worst moment -- that will be either when Tommy dies or when she sees him in pain, or struggling, or spending all of their time in doctors' offices. She yells back so what if he is different, and why do, "you people" think if he's not perfect, his life isn't worth living? And so ends any question about Morgan's possible medical career, since she's now firmly established the line between doctor and patient and put the doctors far on the other side from where she is standing.

Alex's voice gets a bit gentler as he tells her that's pretty much the point: the only thing that matters is what she thinks. But when she claims she's trying to decide he gets tough again and points out that weeping while gazing at all of the healthy babies is just wallowing. He tells her that no one said she didn't get the shitty end of the stick but now she has to deal with it herself. Oh, Alex. You're right, but can you maybe finally mature a little bit and next time try to avoid getting in to this situation in the first place?

Mere finds Cristina in the lab and in a too-gentle voice says she brought her a treat and sets down a cup of what I think is ice cream. But instead of asking her what is going on, Cristina thanks her in much the same voice. She then explains to a curious Mere what they are doing and Mere concludes that they are making new hearts from scratch. Cristina is trying way too hard to sound light as she agrees. She just seems like a broken shell of a person right now, and while I'm not saying if it's right or not for Mere to keep the secret forever (since secrets seem to blow up in her face) I'm happy she just went and was a friend to Cristina rather than going in guns a-blazin' wanting Cristina to explain what happened between her and Owen.

Teddy finds Emma sleeping in the waiting room and gently tries to wake her to tell her the good news about Martin. But after a moment Teddy realizes she can't wake her up, and puts her fingers to Emma's neck and realizes that she has no pulse; she yells for a gurney.

Alex finally goes back up to the NICU and through the window sees Morgan sitting with Tommy. Arizona comes up to tell him that they are doing the surgery, but Morgan has said she doesn't want Alex involved. He agrees and just asks to hear how it goes. Very seriously, Arizona tells him that he was a good doctor today -- Tommy will need a tough mom and if Morgan's hate helps her become that... Alex readily agrees, but seems worried and sad. Dude. In or out, come ON.

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