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Through all of this action, Richard and Avery are still in Jonathan's room when Naomi is wheeled in beside him. Jonathan is super happy to see her and all sweet, but she refuses to look at him and instead moans that "he" is gone. Jonathan is deluded enough to think she's talking about him, but of course she means Kirby the lion, who was her best friend for the past 15 years. She then turns to Jonathan and spits, "Because of YOU." Jonathan, though, is high on Richard's praise and yells at her that he was a hero and saved her... she yells at him that Kirby was just playing and only freaked out because Jonathan screamed... he yells back about the idiocy of keeping a lion in a townhome. The real question is, how did she get this lion and how did no one realize it for FIFTEEN YEARS? Because I can't imagine lion in a townhome is exactly legal. Richard and Avery are now watching from the hall, and while Richard admits he is disappointed that they can't get along, Avery points out that it isn't surprising since they are both idiots. Richard looks down at the lion's tooth that he is still holding and tells Avery that he has something to show him.

Mark comes across Callie who is gazing at a wall of faculty photos trying to figure out which ones have hooked up with her wife. Mark argues that everyone has a past but Callie points out that while that is fine, she's upset since she didn't know she was working with so much of it. Mark finally seems to tire of Callie's mood and points out that Arizona sees him in their house, holding her baby that he and Callie made together, every single day. Callie finally seems to absorb this and admits it can't be easy, so Mark uses that as his cue to lighten up once again and add that it's hell for her knowing that her wife was with the "golden boy" of the hospital. Callie is finally able to let go of the wall of conquests and leaves Mark basking in his own glory. Under all of the self-adulation, Mark has a good point, and she seems to know it.

Teddy goes to Martin's room and as she walks in, he happily thanks her for doing such a great job on his heart. Before she can say anything he asks about Emma and if she's heard the good news. Teddy looks crushed, and after taking a breath, explains how she found Emma and thought she was sleeping, but... he knows what she's going to say and he starts to fade. Teddy tells him they did CPR but couldn't resuscitate her and just pronounced her dead. She tells him how sorry she is and seems barely able to hold back her own grief. It's made worse because Martin is so heartbroken, and he keeps repeating, "She's dead?" Teddy has to keep telling him yes, and it's harder every time. Finally, he begins to cry and call for his wife, and Teddy tries to go but he grabs on to her hand and clings to it while he sobs. Teddy can't really hold it together.

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