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Owen is working on the computer when Bailey walks in; as soon as she sees him, she tries to duck back out but he calls after. Fortunately, his Cristina-mania seems to have calmed down and he just apologizes for what she saw. She tries to play dumb but he tells her they both are aware of what she heard. He then says that while they are supposed to do a surgery together the next day, but because Cristina is "one of [her] own," he will understand if she'd rather he didn't scrub in. Choosing her words carefully, she tells him that she won't pretend to understand what is going on but that she knows affairs don't happen in a vacuum, and he is a human who made a human mistake. She looks at him and his face is comically like a droopy dog, so she adds that he did a terrible thing but it doesn't mean he's a terrible person. Mercifully, he doesn't try to keep talking but just nods his thanks.

Teddy goes to the bathroom and stares at herself in the mirror, crying. It's finally time to try saying the words, but she struggles mightily. Finally, she manages to say, "I am a widow," and then repeats it a few more times, stronger each time. She then gets a page, so she pulls herself together and goes off to answer it. It looks like the woman was right and it really does help to say it.

Lexie is waiting for the elevator so she can go home and is surprised when it arrives and Mark is the only other occupant. When they get to the lobby he is happy to walk out with her but after a moment she makes an excuse that she forgot something, and heads back upstairs. So it looks like she's not entirely sure if she's in love or jealous. You're in love, Lexie! I want you and Mark back together again!

Richard brings Avery to a secret small room filled with jars containing all sorts of random knickknacks. He proudly tells Avery that every one of these things -- including a string of Christmas lights -- are items he took out of patients. Avery admits that the collection is awesome and Richard muses that they'll get both geniuses and idiots on the operating table, but he prefers the idiots. With that, he holds up the tooth and adds that you don't get a lion's tooth from a genius. True. But I still don't understand what the point of all of this really was. Oh well.

Callie gets home to find Arizona holding a glass of wine, and she launches into a rehearsed speech defending why she didn't disclose all of her past conquests -- she kind of hates knowing about all of Callie's. Callie just agrees to everything Arizona says as she sets down the wine, and then peels off her shirt. Arizona tries to stay on topic but Callie finally seduces her, and all is well for another day in the Torres-Robbins household.

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