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Meredith gets home just as Derek presents Zola with a stuffed lion he got her that day. He then puts her to bed, and I bask in her utter adorableness some more. Mere walks up and just glares at him; surprised, he asks what is wrong and she threatens to kill him if he ever cheats on her. He thinks this is reasonable but she's serious and makes him say, "I will never cheat on you." He asks her if she wants to talk about it but she yells no, though she then wraps him in a big hug.

Her VO this whole time has been about how we ignore warnings and push our luck because human nature is that we touch things when we're told not to, even if we know better. Seriously, this is so a week late. But I suppose it does kind of apply to Owen and the fact that he can't seem to handle letting Cristina come to terms with his affair in her own time. When he gets home from work with some takeout she's already there, eating a bowl of cereal at the table, still silent. He sits down rather tentatively but then takes out his food and starts to eat. She just stares at him and when he finally looks up, after a moment she leaps out of her chair and throws the bowl of cereal in his face. Well, at least she's moved on to acknowledging his presence, in a way.

Lauren S is a writer and gal-about-town who lives and works in Atlanta, and tells her dates that she has cats before they come over for the first time. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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