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Teddy finds Arizona and Callie excitedly discussing the king of the jungle and announces that she went to a grief group. Callie sneers in solidarity, assuming it must have been awful, but Arizona nudges her and tries to sound supportive and positive about it. Teddy sides with Callie on this one and tries to brush off her need for any such support; when Cristina walks up to say she's ready to start on the stem cell project, Teddy tells them grandly that this is the perfect example of how she's looking towards the heart-growing future rather than dwelling on the past. A nurse then comes up to say goodbye to them and we all pretend that this is someone we've seen before as Teddy and Callie give her big hugs and wish her well at her new job. The nurse then looks at Arizona and asks if it would be okay for them to hug. Callie laughs, wondering why it wouldn't be, but then sees that once the nurse has a hold on her wife, she gets all dreamy and seems to not want to let go.

Morgan is standing at Tommy's incubator and is ecstatic that he seems to be doing so well. She flirts furiously with Alex -- under the guise of talking about Tommy -- but Alex won't bite and instead he goes out to the hall and asks Arizona to take him off of the case. She thinks he's just looking for an excuse to work on a maulee but he explains that he wants to get away from Morgan and her crush. Arizona reminds him that because they work with sick kids they can get overly close to the parents, it's normal, and that he has to figure out a way to deal with it and put up boundaries. Weirdly, I never thought about that until right now but it makes sense that awkward situations do crop up more than usual for pediatric docs. Alex claims to have tried, but given what we've seen I'm not sure he's tried very hard. He seems to think he has, though, and when Morgan calls to him to come back in to see Tommy's smile, he gives Arizona a pleading look. She finally agrees to it, but tells him he better mean it. He assures her that he does, and flees.

Bailey is scrubbing in and lecturing them about how insane she finds this woman for keeping a lion as a pet, while Mere is just happy that finally there is proof that she saw a lion that morning. Still, no one seems to care, and once Bailey goes in to the OR Owen tries to bring up Cristina again and tells Meredith in grade school code that he knows that she knows. He wants Mere to tell Cristina how sorry he is, and finally says that it was just sex. Mere's jaw drops and she orders Owen to stop; he's so up his own ass right now that I'm not sure he realizes yet that this is the first Meredith seems to have heard of the affair. In fact, now that he's opened the floodgates he just wants to keep pouring his heart out but Mere yells at him again to stop and announces that this conversation never happened. He still tries to argue and she finally throws her hand up to physically stop him; in his earnestness he leans forward into her hand, causing her to have to start scrubbing in all over again. He's losing points with Meredith at a rather impressive rate right now.

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