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Callie finds Mark and asks him if there ever was anything between Arizona and Nurse Hugs-A-Lot. For Mark, this question solves a great mystery of his own life -- if she's gay, that's why she didn't ever go out with him after years of trying on his part. Callie feels weird that Arizona never said anything while Callie worked with Hugs-A-Lot every day. As she is saying this to the father of her child, who was conceived when she and Arizona were broken up, and who not only works with but practically lives with them, this conversation takes on just a little bit of pot/kettleness. Mark tells her to stop thinking about it but Callie is clearly not doing that anytime soon.

Richard and Jackson are working on Jonathan, who is moaning about how he saw himself in the lion's eyes, and he looked like dinner. And somehow, this made him feel like dinner, and when the lion lunged he reacted by shoving his arm in the cat's mouth. He desperately wants to know what kind of idiot does that, and Jackson mumbles that he's wondering the same thing. Richard shuts Jackson up with a mean stink-eye and then Mark and Callie come in and ogle all of Jonathan's delicious injuries; Callie thinks this is just about what she was expecting when she heard someone was attacked by a lion. Jonathan thinks that getting what you expect is a good thing; he was going to his girlfriend's house for the first time and all she had told him was that she had a cat. All of the doctors are suitably surprised that she didn't mention that her cat was a little larger than most. For the record, when I talk about my cats, I'm talking about two only very slightly chubby tabbies, one of whom crammed his way onto my lap and is therefore making it very difficult for me to type. Kings of the jungle, not so much. With the info he had, Jonathan prepared for the meeting by taking an antihistamine.

Cristina and Teddy are discussing the first steps of this stem cell experiment: Cristina will take hearts from animal cadavers and use a solvent that will drain them of all of their cardiac cells, which Teddy explains is like stripping a building down the studs. She then goes on and explains dreamily that they are scrubbing away the heart cells, wiping them clean until they are blank and then injecting them with stem cells so that they will live again. Cristina's face is blank as all of this talk of erasing and rebuilding hearts is hitting a little too close to home. Alex comes in, having traded with April so that he is working with Teddy. Almost immediately his fancy new pager beeps as Morgan tries to track him down. Teddy gets her own page and the two go down to the ER, leaving Cristina alone and staring sadly at the table until she picks up a football-sized animal carcass and gets to harvesting hearts.

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