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Cristina now has a tableful of Petri dishes each containing a tiny heart, and she's dripping stuff carefully into each when Jackson and Alex noisily burst in. Alex's pager is still blowing up and Jackson wants him to answer, but when Alex explains that he's trying to be cold and dead toward Morgan but it's only making her bug him more, Jackson tries to support his efforts. He jokes about how great Alex is at being a douche, so he can do this too. He uses Cristina as a great cold and dead role model -- all the while, she is ignoring them and thereby proves to Jackson just how good she is. Lexie then runs in and wants to talk about the lion, but by "lion" I mean "herself" as she tries to force a horrible metaphor between the surely lonely lion lady's life and her own. It's so awkward that I refuse to even try to transcribe any of it here. Basically, the guys think she is nuts. Cristina finally reaches her limit, and orders everyone out.

It turns out, though, that Morgan is freaking out for a pretty good reason. Arizona and April try to gently explain that a whole lot of things are now going wrong with Tommy. Morgan is belligerent, demanding to know where Alex is and wondering why they don't just go ahead with the surgery already. Arizona quickly says Alex is on another case and then gently broaches the subject of AND, which she explains is "allowing natural death" -- Morgan hadn't reached that part of her schooling yet. She can't wrap her mind around this and argues that they aren't there yet, but Arizona very gently says that they are since Tommy is deteriorating so badly. Morgan wants Arizona to tell her what she thinks they should do, but Arizona just tells Morgan to consider what kind of life she wants for her son. After reminding her of all of the pain and suffering he could be facing, she says that they will do the surgery if she wants, but if she decides to go the AND route they will support that as well.

Alex turns a corner and finds a crying Morgan gazing into the nursery at the healthy babies. He tries to leave but she sees him and hollers down the hall that she just learned what AND is. She's got on a v-neck shirt and you can see her bright red scar as a reminder that she herself just went through heart surgery a few weeks earlier on top of everything. As she angrily yells that her med school career isn't over yet since she's still learning new things, Alex turns and literally runs away.

Richard seems to be playing Jedi to his young Padawan Avery but I'll tell you right now, I don't get the point of their arc. Even when he tells us his point later, I still don't get how that all was supposed to tie together as an actual narrative. Richard seems to think that this situation shows how quickly things can change, while Avery thinks it's natural selection and that when a girl wants you to meet her cat, you run. Hey now! There are some awesome cat ladies out there in the world, with only a mild streak of crazy, if I do say so myself.

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