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Teddy and Alex are almost done with Martin's procedure when Alex's phone again starts dinging. There is a nurse who is just sitting in front of a bank of identical devices and it seems these are fancy pagers that actually get text messages. She tells Alex that it's for him and then starts to read all of the angry texts from Morgan, who is livid that Alex is ignoring her and demands to talk to him. Once she adds that they devolve into "strong language," Alex finally tells her to turn the thing off. Teddy tells him that she thinks he's doing the right thing and that Morgan needs to take care of herself -- she's alone and there's no time like the present to embrace it. Hmm, projecting much? She and Alex then get ready to unhook Martin but when they do, his heart starts bleeding and alarms begin to ring. Teddy pleads with him to hold on.

When their surgery is over, Owen runs after Mere as she goes into the scrub room, STILL trying to talk about what happened. For the love of little green apples, he's out of his mind and this is ridiculous. He vilified his wife for a life choice that she was always totally honest about and then cheated on her and THEN blurted out his misdeeds to her best friend -- how does he not realize he has to just shut up and stop, already? Meredith, realizing he's not going to, turns to him and growls that the reason Cristina didn't tell her is because she doesn't want Mere to hate Owen, which means that she's either going to forgive him or at least is trying to figure out how. Meredith doesn't care if it was just sex or not, she's just livid that Cristina didn't want her to know this and now she does, and she finally manages to impart that she's done talking to him. Unfortunately, after she storms off he turns around and finds a very embarrassed Bailey who just walked in and caught all of the juicy bits.

Cristina, meanwhile, looks about as sad as she ever has as she gazes at her little heart farm. She closes her eyes, almost as if she's hoping that the solvent she's about to use will wash her own heart clean. Trying not to cry, she finally picks up a first tiny heart and begins to use the solution to clean it out.

Teddy and Alex are working very carefully, and she seems extra invested in making sure Martin survives. After she does her thing they carefully wait to see how he does, and everything is in working order again. Alex is crazy impressed, and Teddy is elated.

As Arizona buys herself some lunch in the cafeteria, Mark walks up to her and warns her quickly that Callie is freaking out about Arizona's exes even though Mark tried to shut her down. It's actually a really cute moment -- I know these two have gotten along for a while now but I still found it an endearing testament to how far they've come from when Arizona thought he was the scum of the earth. Arizona sits down, though, and asks Callie if she really just went talking to her own ex about Arizona's exes. Exactly. Arizona says that Mark doesn't get to give that kind of input on their lives. Well, really, it's far too late for that, but I get her point. Callie is still grossed out that she worked with Hugs-A-Lot for two years and had no idea she and Arizona had hooked up which I do also understand. Arizona finally decides to give in and asks Callie what she wants to know, which are names. With that, she proceeds to point out and/or mention at least seven women, much to Callie's shock.

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