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The Name Of The Game
ndrew repeats the word as McDreamy digs around in his brain. He says it again, but it comes out all garbly. No! We get one of those drumbeats like in the blow-up episode, and Bailey starts looking panicked. Andrew tries to say the word again, but now he's just making sounds. The room gets really loud with the drumbeats and McDreamy talking and Andrew trying to say "omphalocele," and oh my God it's too much. Commercials!

We return to Andrew struggling to say the damn word. "Ooh. Eh. Eh. Feh?" Bailey tries to comfort Andrew, saying Dr. Shepherd's working on it and she needs him to hold on a second. McDreamy pokes around in his brain for a second, then tells her to try now. Bailey asks Andrew to spell "omphalocele" one more time for her. Aigh! He opens his mouth, and says clearly, "O-M-P-H-A-L-O-C-E-L-E. Omphalocele." The world breathes a sigh of relief, or maybe that was just me. Bailey cries tearfully, "That's good, yes! That's perfect." Andrew asks Bailey if she's, uh, crying. Bailey turns away all, "Ooh! Got something in my eye!" Heh. McDreamy tells Andrew they're almost done, then looks over at Bailey, who tells him to stop looking at her like that. "It's my hormones. I'm still a surgeon, just a surgeon with an excess of estrogen. Deal with it." McDreamy: "Mm hmmm." Bailey asks Andrew if he can spell "estrogen." He does, and McDreamy pipes up, "Here's a word for you. 'Delusional.'" Aw.

Cristina Is The Best At Everything Class Time. The instructor tells the class that their final assignment is to take the skills they've learned and apply them to a single operation. Cristina and Webber stand at their respective tables and stare each other down. Webber snaps his glove hilariously, and they're off to the races.

Meredith lurks outside Molly's room as Addie gives her an update on her condition, for which the prognosis is good. Addison is about to leave when she sees Meredith; in one of the coolest moves ever, Addie beckons her in and says, "Molly, this is Dr....this is Meredith, she'll be continuing your prep work and taking your vitals." Meredith gratefully takes the blood pressure cuff and starts talking to her sister. She comments on Molly's pretty wedding ring, and Molly says it was her grandmother's, and then her mom's. Mere looks like she's thinking maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all, especially after Molly starts going on and on and -- seriously, ON -- about how great her parents are, and how proud and overprotective her dad is, and how she's his little girl and all, you know. Then she tops it all off with "Yeah, Lexie, my sister? She's in med school at Harvard. She's the smart one. You should see how my dad is about her. He's, like, CRAZY proud." Meredith would like to vomit now, please, and she excuses herself. Awful. Molly really is a sweetie, and she really didn't know that she needed to shut it about ten thousand sentences ago.

Mere bursts into a room where Izzie and Callie are cleaning up from putting a cast on. She tells Callie she needs something to smash -- can Callie help her? Callie's all, "Huh? You can clean up this cast crap if you want." Meredith takes a mallet and starts smashing the cast all to bits. She's wailing on it pretty good with her tiny little arms. Callie, to Izzie: "Is she freaking out?" Izzie answers, "Oh, no. She's fine. She's great! So, George?" Callie gets this look on her face and tells the girls, with Meredith beating the cast to hell the whole time, that they don't see George, but she does. "He makes my world stop. He's sweet, and smart, and kind, and strong. He makes my world stop, so you shut up about him." Whoa! She looks at both of them with disgust, and tells them to clean up the mess when they're done smashing. She leaves, and Meredith finally stops. Izzie: "Oh my God. George is her McDreamy." He certainly is, or she's his Ted Bundy. You decide.

Cristina Is Better Than You! Class. She's steadily working away, and steals a glance over at Webber that makes her stop short. Webber is using his robotic arms to suture his "patient," and he's doing it with his eyes closed. Cristina gapes at him, and all of a sudden he throws up his arms and yells, "I'm done! I'm done." The instructor comes over and proclaims his work flawless. Webber pulls his gloves off with another snap, and looks at Cristina. "They call me DOCTOR WEBBER. That's why I'm the CHIEF." Haaaaa! Cristina looks down at her own paltry work as Webber saunters out. The Chief rises again! Back to basics, Yang!

Back in Jackie's room, Alex has to watch as Jackie tells Amelia she won't be out of the hospital; Amelia pouts; Jackie promises they'll do something super-special for her birthday next year, when she'll be dead; and Amelia stomps out teenagerily. Alex asks Jackie how this whole lying thing is working out for her. Jackie's all, "Well, I never!" Alex tells her that she's going to die soon, and she knows it, so why does she keep trying to paint a rosy picture for Amelia? Jackie sets her jaw and tells Alex he's not a mother. I'd beg to differ on that one, J. She says he doesn't know what it's like to hold your newborn baby in your arms, and know that your only job in the world is to protect her. Alex says she can call it protecting her or whatever, but she should know that she's leaving behind a kid that'll hate her for the rest of her life. Damn! And just as it seems like he's getting through, Burke walks in and interrupts. He takes Alex back into the hallway to scold him again, but Alex ain't having it. "I'm talking this time. I tell the truth. It's what I do. It doesn't make me a bad doctor. Maybe I'm a pig, maybe I'm an ass, maybe I'm a vermin like everybody says. But I tell them the truth. It's the one thing that I've got going for me, and you don't get to take that away and call it a lesson. Sir." Burke is rendered speechless, and I am filled with glee over the angriest little boy in Seattle. Commercials.

Mere passes Mare (heh) in the hall, and Mare stops Mere (heh). She says she saw a picture of her once, from a long time ago. "You look just like her. Your mother? You look a lot like my girls, especially Molly." Mere tells Mare flatly that she didn't say anything to Molly. Mare says she knows about her, both her girls know that their father was married before and had -- has -- another daughter. Mere: "No, 'had' is right." Mare says her father thinks about her a lot, he really does. "It's just, your mother. She...broke him." Well! How very appropriate! Mere doesn't know how to respond to this, and excuses herself, saying she has to work. I sure hope Callie has her another chunk of plaster to smash.

Thatcher is standing at the surgery board when Webber walks over and stands next to him. He says he spent years staring at that board, holding a crying baby, trying to get an idea when his wife would get out of surgery. "'-apy'...takes about an hour. Anything with 'cardio-' and I knew not to plan on seeing her at all that day." Webber asks if he has any idea what's going on with Ellis, and Thatcher says he has no right to talk to him about Ellis. Webber says he's sorry, but he was trying to talk to him about Meredith. "Ellis has early-onset Alzheimer's. It's advanced. And it's hard on Meredith, as you can imagine." Meredith's dad, who after all these years is still looking pretty much like a broken man, just stands there at the board as Webber walks away.

Well, I do believe it's crying time. Bailey checks in on Andrew. She gently tells him that his operation went really well -- they got all of that tumor out of there and everything's going to be just fine. Andrew thanks her. Bailey turns to leave, then stops and says, "You know, I have a son at home, and I'm going home right now to tell him that, today, I met the best speller in Seattle." Tears! Hormones! Estrogen!

Mere sees her father walking down the hall towards her and ducks into a room. If she had any brains at all, she'd actually walk into the

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