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The Name Of The Game
room rather than "hide" in the doorway, but that's neither here nor there. George sees this and heads Thatcher off at the pass, but not so far away that Mere can't hear every word they're saying. Thatcher asks George if he knows Meredith -- if he's her friend. George says he used to be her roommate, and yes, he knows her pretty well. Thatcher says she came to see him a couple of weeks ago, and he didn't know what to say to her. "She looks so much like her mother. Ellis was...cold. I mean, I was a coward, I was. But her mother would never let me know her, and now I don't know how to know her." George stands up straighter to say what he's about to say, and tells Thatcher that Meredith is anything but cold. "When she smiles...which is not often, because she's been through a lot...but when she does, it's like you feel warm. She's kind. Well, she can be a little selfish. But she cares about people. She's kind. And I think she's gonna be a brilliant surgeon. Around here she's the one to beat. I guess she gets that from her mom...but I think the rest, she gets from you." And Thatcher's crying, and now I'm crying, and if you're not crying, you have no feeling at all in that black shriveled thing you call a heart. Thatcher asks if she's still at the hospital, to which George swiftly replies that he thinks she's gone home. Thatcher looks disappointed, if a little relieved, and they both walk away. To George's retreating back, Mere whispers, "Thank you, George." Wah!

McDreamy finds Mere "knitting" in the observation room. They have a cute little conversation where he shares about his awake brain surgery that day, and she shares that she met the sister she never knew she had, and saw her father. Mere wins! She says she'll be fine, though -- "I have my knitting!"

Jackie's room. Amelia is sitting close to her mom on the bed as Jackie says, "Study hard. Keep your grades up, and you're going to want to take two AP classes a semester next year." Amelia tells her mom that this is really morbid. Jackie is close to tears, but she's not done yet. "And your Aunt Sue is kind of lazy when it comes to personal hygiene, so you may have to be the one to remind her when it's time to get your eyebrows waxed, or get your hair cut, but eventually she'll get the routine down." Aw. Laurie Metcalf is really rocking this role. Amelia asks if they really have to talk about this now -- she still doesn't really get what's happening, I don't think, but Jackie presses on. She tells her daughter that this might sound random, but she wants her to wear underwear with pantyhose. "It might feel a little bulky, but honestly it's a little slutty not to." Amelia tries to laugh a little, saying this is totally gross. Jackie keeps going, telling her to marry a kind man, someone who's nice to his mother. Amelia: "Mom, I'm not getting married...any time soon." She's starting to tear up. Jackie says she will someday, and when that day comes, just have one glass of champagne, and then drink water for the rest of the night. "There's nothing tackier than a drunken bride." Heh. So true. Amelia asks why her mom's telling her all this. Jackie comes clean, saying she's been sick for a long time and the doctors don't think she's going to get better. Amelia starts crying. "No." Jackie tells her to listen, no, pay attention and listen, because this one is really important. "Someday you're going to have a baby, and you're going to feel overwhelmed by this little life that you're responsible for, and that's normal. You're going to obsess about every little thing you do for it...but I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It doesn't matter, because at the end of the day all that matters is if your kid is happy. So you're going to feel sad for a little while, and that's okay. But don't feel sad forever, okay? Will you promise me that?" By now they're both weeping, and Amelia collapses onto her mom's chest. We get a shot of Alex outside the door, listening in towards the end. See? He's crazy, but he was right.

MereVO: "Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose, or draw, the game is in progress, whether we want it to be or not." Thatcher walks in to check on Molly, and Izzie walks in to check on Denny. She presents him with a sweater, which she apparently made in one day with her speed-of-sound knitting. Denny is pleased with the sweater, but asks if this means he doesn't get any sexual favors. Izzie tells him to smell it. This is getting weird. He does, and says it "smells like Izzie." Izzie says she wore it for three hours, and that is the closest he's going to be getting to her body. "You want to play some Scrabble, or are you too tired?" Denny chooses Scrabble, then adds, "Just show me one boob." Fine, that was pretty cute. Creepy, but cute.

Cristina corners Webber on his way out of the hospital, killing herself trying to find out how he beat her with his eyes literally closed. Webber looks at her kindly. "Old-school, Yang. Muscle memory. You wanna win? Always go back to the basics." And in the next scene, she goes waaaay back. Naked-in-her-apartment back. While Burke and George are enjoying a nice game of chess, of course. As she steps into the kitchen, naked as a jaybird, George catches sight of her. He jumps a little, then covers his eyes, no doubt blinded by her intense hotness. Burke jumps up. "What the hell are you doing?!?" Cristina turns around innocently. "Oh, me? Being comfortable in my apartment." Burke can't take it. He yells at George to get out. Cristina walks back into the bedroom with a snack and smiles to herself, "Basics." I'll say.

MereVO, as we switch back to the hospital: "So, go ahead. Argue with the refs. Change the rules. Cheat a little. Take a break, and tend to your wounds. But play." George sits in a deserted hospital corridor and dials Callie's number. He hears a phone ringing around the corner and follows the sound. Just as he stumbles into Callie's...lair? I don't know what to call it. Cupboard under the stairs? At any rate, she lives in the hospital, and just as George discovers this, she answers her phone, then looks up. She immediately sees fit to tell him -- twice -- that she's not crazy; she just spends so much time at the hospital, it makes sense to live there. In nobody's world does that make sense, but she's beautiful and funny, so I'll reserve judgment for now. George picks up a pair of shears and asks if she knows how to cut hair. She does, as we soon see. She also knows how to kiss George, because that happens next. Aw. MereVO: "Play hard. Play fast. Play loose and free."

Meredith is sitting in the vet's office with her stupid knitting, and the preternaturally chirpy receptionist asks if she's getting the hang of it. Mere says not really. I'll drink to that. Receptionist: "You give up men?" Mere: "No. Yes." She says she doesn't really need to see the vet; she just wants to spend some time with Doc. It's too bad, then, that the vet walks out of the back just then with Doc, and the vet is none other than the surprisingly tasty-looking Chris O'Donnell. Well, hellooooo there, Scruffy McFinerson. Mere gets this "oh, SHIT" look on her face when he introduces himself, and can do nothing but look back down at her knitting. MereVO: "Okay, so it's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game. Right?" We get a gratuitous (but not unwelcome) shot of Chris O'Donnell's ass, and fade out.

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