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The Other Side Of This Life, Part II

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You Can't Have Too Many Dead Moms
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If all of the establishing shots are to be believed, this show is taking place, oh, approximately six blocks from my apartment where I am currently writing this recap. There's something kind of weird about that, that's for sure.

Francie and Addie are sitting in what looks like the reception area. Addison is still in shock over the infertility bomb that was just dropped, and is sort of mumbling in disbelief to the room at large. Francie just checks her watch, and as Addison mumbles about, "what the dream would be if I couldn't have my dream," she answers imploringly, "Empty office... " Addie finally snaps out of it and asks what they're doing, since she thought they were doing lunch. Francie informs her that they're doing what she does when she gets depressed, and asks Addie what time she has. Addison is back to mumbling, trying to tell herself that not only is she okay with the results, but that it's actually a good thing. It's quite unconvincing. Amy then walks in and takes a seat, asking what time it is. Addison comments, "You people are obsessed with time," and looks at her nails while the other two stare at the door. One of them comments, "here he comes," and they suddenly look busy with magazines. My screen is then filled with a naked male torso with some of the biggest nipples ever, and though I gather from their reactions that I'm supposed to be all hot and bothered, I'd really just like him to put on a shirt. But Francie and Amy practically lick their lips while staring at Piz, and he clearly loves the attention and takes a moment to lovingly wax his board. Not like that, you sickos, he's really using wax on the surfboard that he's carrying! I'd like to take a moment, as a SoCal native and resident of Santa Monica, to say that this is absolutely what takes place in all offices in this town and for that matter, anywhere near a beach. Amy tells him to have a good surf, and he heads out for his surf/lunch break. As Francie sighs, Addison laughs at them and says they should be ashamed. But Francie just tells her to admit she feels better, and as she's saying it to someone who spent months drooling over her hot intern, I think she doesn't have much right to judge them. (Well, except that Alex is far better looking.) Amy adds that there will be another show in an hour. "And it's WET!"

Back up in Seattle, Crush is asking Derek what's up with her brain bleeding and them just noticing now. (A fairly valid question.) He tells her it could be either from the accident or it could be a result of one of the surgeries. She calls him on holding some information out of his answer, so he takes a breath and tells her she is going to have to be awake during the surgery, and that it's fairly dangerous. I'd think that it went without saying that any surgery on one's brain is dangerous, but I guess this is even more than usual. She asks him if she might potentially get her memory back, and he cautiously tells her that there is a chance, but it's a long shot. Unfortunately, she's already too excited at the idea.

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