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You Can't Have Too Many Dead Moms

Amy is telling Kellerman about running into her ex at Whole Foods. In terms of being authentically L.A., forget the surfing -- the unexpected ex sighting at the Whole Foods is classic. His is a tale as old as the sun; he didn't believe in marriage and then after he and Amy broke up he took up with a young thing and married her in four months. She tries to laugh it off but her face finally cracks, and Kellerman explains, "It heads off rejection." She asks him what, and he says, "That's why I like the internet." He can't stand being rejected and she agrees, and they drink. It's really a shame the two of them don't just make out already. Come on, Amy, it's clearly in the stars!

Burke arrives at his apartment and finds his mama sitting at the table amidst a bunch of bridal magazines. She greets him but after taking a moment he yells at her for all of her, "I trust you" talk. He says that's her code for saying, "Learn from your mistakes." Before she can respond he argues ferociously that he's not making a mistake, and that Cristina hates change and doesn't know what's good for her. He leads, she follows, and she's grateful. Well yeah, that worked so well with your tremor, you controlling, manipulative, rageaholic. Mama says that she's pleased, and he interrupts again to say he's going to make Cristina happy, and that she's being a good sport about taking this big step and that she will be happy... it takes him a moment and he adds the telling word, "Someday." There's not liking change, and there's your boyfriend forcing you into marriage when clearly it's not something you've ever led him to believe you want. But Burke has a hard time seeing these tiny subtleties. And Mama, who is smarter than he thinks she is, finally answers, "If you are so sure, why are you yelling at me!" They stare each other down, but he doesn't answer.

At the hospital, Mere arrives at Susan's room to find chaos. She is septic, and they need to rush her into surgery now, and when Thatcher asks what's going on Richard explains that she's had extremely rare complications. Thatcher can't seem to absorb the news that fast and points out that he hasn't signed a consent form, but they wheel Susan out as they tell him she needs surgery now (which I guess means they don't need a consent form, or this time the patient is a legal adult and doesn't need it or... whatever, it's not very well explained), and Mere has to tell him to stay back as they take her into the operating room.

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