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The Other Side Of This Life, Part II

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You Can't Have Too Many Dead Moms

Inside, Richard, Bailey, and Meredith walk slowly down the hall, Bailey and Richard looking at her. She's fiddling with her hat and as she walks, Derek rounds the corner behind her and sees the procession. Eyes red, she slowly approaches Thatcher, clearly an emotional wreck. Tears fill her eyes and she shakes her head, and only manages to say, "We did everything we could." He takes one horrified step back and as she shakes her head he protests that she said it was a simple procedure. "It was!" she cries. And with that, he slaps her right across the face. Everyone is stunned and horrified but no one makes a move. Thatcher babbles, "She had the hiccups. It's because she trusted you. I trusted you." At that, she turns and runs, and shakes off Derek when he tries to catch her. And so with this death, the changes in Meredith -- the recovering from drowning, the working to accept her mother's death, the learning how to have someone like Susan in her life -- all of it is shot to hell. When we could have seen some really interesting development after three dark and twisty Meredith seasons, we now get more of the same as even more bad things continue to happen. I'm not even angry now, I'm just terribly disappointed by the direction in which most of these characters are going.

Meredith voices, "At some point, maybe we accept the dream has become a nightmare." Thatcher continues to cry and babble to himself and finally falls apart.

At Burke and Cristina's, she arrives home to find him alone and having a glass of wine, and no mothers to be found since he's sent them home. She sighs in relief as she dumps her bag and her jacket, and crawls onto the couch to cuddle up next to him. He puts his arm around her and she mentions that she got a dress. After a moment, he asks, "You happy?" "Yeah!" she answers, and she sounds actually sincere, but I can't entirely believe that she's happy that she's been browbeaten into a wedding she doesn't want, or rather that she just didn't know she wanted until the Great Dr. Burke showed her that she did. It's just another mystery about this show. She then asks, "Are you? Happy?" He says yes, but doesn't seem entirely sure with his answer. She seems to take it at face value, though, as both of them do with each other, and she smiles. Meredith continues, "We tell ourselves the reality is better."

Back at Meredith's house, Izzie and Mere cheer as Alex walks in the room with limes. They've got a bottle of Meredith's old faithful friend, tequila, and pour three shots. Alex asks what they're drinking to. Izzie: "Friends. Crappy friends." Meredith: Family. Crappy family." They clink and shoot and do it again. Outside, Derek has walked up to the house and hears them, so he goes and watches through the window. He looks sad and serious, and instead of knocking he walks away. "We convince ourselves that it's better that we never dream at all...

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