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You Can't Have Too Many Dead Moms

Crush's brain is exposed in front of McDreamy, and I'm suddenly whisked back to approximately the age of six, when I walked in on my elderly babysitter watching some sort of medical program on TV where someone's skull was open to do some sort of brain surgery, and I embarked on quite a few years of terror at the idea of being awake during surgery and of having my skull opened up in that manner. He stimulates various spots in her brain as Alex holds up flashcards and asks her what she sees. It turns out she's had French, Spanish, and German stored up in there as she ends up speaking in all three languages without a hitch. Unfortunately, she then starts to bleed and alarms begin to buzz all over. Alex hopefully asks if they can continue a little longer to see if they can find her memory, but Derek points out she'll be dead if they don't stop the bleeding and he gets to work.

In another operating room a thousand miles south, Grace is panicking about why everything is happening so fast with her labor. As if to prove a point the baby begins to crown and they deliver a little girl, but with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Grace panics because the baby isn't crying, and Addison tries to reassure her as she hands the baby off to Kellerman. Addie comments that at least Grace isn't bleeding and right on cue, blood starts pouring out of her nether regions onto the floor and everyone starts to freak out anew. They need to put Grace under and she protests, but fortunately the baby lets out a cry and so she is put under right away.

Outside, the various would be dads and mom are waiting anxiously and crowd Addison when she comes to report what has happened. She explains that Grace lost a lot of blood and the baby is on oxygen but that they both will be fine. It turns out these aren't the pertinent details, and she's asked about the paternity test. Disgusted, Addison repeats what she told them and points out that there wasn't time to worry about paternity tests what with having to save Grace and her baby's lives. When they ask to see the baby, she goes totally mama-bear on them and says that they can't until she says it's okay, and as an afterthought, she tells them that it was a girl before she goes back inside to her patient.

Alex is in Crush's room doing paperwork when she wakes up. He doesn't notice at first since she doesn't say anything, but when he sees her eyes open he happily tells her that she did great and that she knows all sorts of languages. She's got a bandage wrapped around her head, and I'm so curious to see if within a day she's back to having a full head of hair after having brain surgery, as seems to magically happen so often on TV. She doesn't seem to hear Alex and, about to cry, says that she doesn't remember anything. Alex misinterprets and thinks she means of the surgery, but she's thinking on a larger scale. "The surgery was supposed to... I thought I... What am I going to do? What if I never remember anything?" A tear escapes down her cheek, and Alex takes her hand. I've got no snark in me, even though she clearly shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, because she's just rather heartbreaking right now.

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