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The Other Side Of This Life, Part II

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Addison's back in the magical elevator and says hello, asking if anyone is there, and announces herself. An annoyed voice asks, "What." She says hi, still looking up towards the ceiling and finally says that she might be insane or getting some sort of karmic payback for something, but that she wants to apologize to the voice for yelling. The voice tells her, "Okay." She smiles and gets off the elevator, tentatively saying good-bye. I still can't believe I've just recapped a scene with Addison Montgomery talking to an elevator. It makes me nervous about this spin-off.

And holy moley, we get our thirty-seventh commercial break of this hour. ABC was clearly banking on this two-hour special as a prime money-maker.

Ms. Horny is now talking to Amy alone in her office. It's either nighttime or they like to have some serious mood lighting in this clinic. She sadly says that she was really great at just one thing, and that was being Paul's wife. It turns out that when she didn't come home she was with another man, just to prove that she could do it and that someone wanted her. Amy assures her that she was only reacting to the situation and had no way of knowing what was really going on. And while I'm not usually a huge supporter of cheating, I understand where she's coming from. Ms. Horny just asks what to do now and Amy answers, "You do what you were great at. You love your husband." Ms. Horny asks, "You're going to have to tell me that a lot, okay?" Amy smiles and agrees, and we can all rest easy to know that she's not obsolete after all.

Piz walks into Francie's office, letting her know that everyone else has left and that he's going to leave as well, unless of course she wants dinner. It's kind of awkward but sweet, though by no means do I think it's a good idea. The tension is actually visible on both sides of the conversation, and I'm curious if they've actually hooked up before. Well, if doctors are hooking up with younger employees, Addison is going to feel right at home here! She turns down dinner and so he asks her out for another night, and when she says how young he is, he counters, "Koo koo ka choo, Mrs. Robinson!" She admonishes, "You can't use The Graduate as a defense! You can't use a movie made before you were born as a defense!" Trust me, no young surfer ballsy enough to ask out his boss is going to have any qualms about using that, as he showed. He walks towards her and continues to press the issue and their faces get closer and closer until... she announces it's never going to happen, goes around the desk and gets her purse, and leaves, while he smiles at her moxie. This is never going to happen just like Kellerman and Amy are never going to happen, I'm sure.

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