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The Other Side Of This Life, Part II

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You Can't Have Too Many Dead Moms

It looks like where everyone else was at is a bar, and Addie sips a martini and says LA is like New York with a beach. Yes, in every way except not at all other than being a big city on the coast, but whatever floats your boat, Addison. Taye indicates that it's time for Tim to get them refills, and Addie seems to remain oblivious at how he's pointedly getting him to leave the conversation. Once he's gone, Taye tells Addison that Tim is a friend, and she cuts him off to ask why she's receiving a warning about him, and if he's a serial killer or a felon. Or, "Is he secretly my ex-husband's best friend?" But it turns out to not be funny but instead really sad: his wife died eight years before and as Taye tells it, he's a good guy but he can't connect, and he's not going to be there for her.

At the same time, Kellerman and Amy are doing shots at the bar and Looking at each other, which he comments is nice. He then takes her hand and moves in for the smooch, but when she realizes what's happening she pushes him away and tells him, "That's not nice." He's surprised, as he was told to be a man, and though she respects his effort she tells him, "You can't be a man with your friend. Isn't that settling?" Settling, or finding a rewarding relationship with someone who you already know well and who makes you happy, but that's too straightforward for a prime-time television drama. He half-heartedly agrees with her that it's settling.

Back on the couch where Addison and Taye are talking, Francie sits down and cheerfully greets them with, "Hey ex-best friend, hey ex-husband." She's now in an awesome little red dress that maybe she had in the car when she drove from the office to the bar? I won't ask, I'll just admire it. They comment that she's drunk and she announces that soon she's going to want to dance, and then flits away. Once she's gone, Addison asks Taye what happened to them. He didn't cheat, they didn't fight, and nothing was wrong. "Honestly, it was bad, what I did. I have no good reason. I woke up one day, and I couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't even a choice. I had a thought, next thing you know, I'm burning it all down. I left her. I don't know why. I don't' know why. What kind of a person does that?" ABC is betting it's the kind of person we all want to learn more about and I have to say, of all of them he's probably my favorite of the new characters. Addison just tells him, "Hell if I know, and I did it too," and they both sit and wallow a little bit.

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