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Previously, Addison broke the no-sex pact she made with Mark, and then got her heart broken by Alex. Crush took a little too much vicarious pleasure in the Alex/Addison love story. Cristina agreed to marry Burke, but made it clear that she wanted a small, simple ceremony. Derek was kind of an ass to Meredith. And George proposed to escape from his self-made adulterous hell by running off to another hospital.

Meredith V.O.: "The dream is this: that we'll finally be happy when we reach our goals." It's dark in Seattle, and Meredith is sitting on her couch, desultorily channel-surfing. The V.O. tells us that as soon as we get the dream, we immediately start dreaming of something else. Izzie wanders into the living room and asks Meredith why she's up. Meredith, clearly rubber and not glue, asks Izzie the same question. It turns out neither of them can sleep. And then Alex throws himself on the couch next to Meredith. Izzie: "Why can't you sleep?" Alex: "No reason." Mere V.O.: "Because if this is the dream, then we'd like to wake up. Now, please."

The sun is up, and Cristina is woken up by some loud laughing coming out of the living room at the Burke/Yang household. She peeks out of the bedroom door, and we see Burke yukking it up with Mama Burke in the kitchen. That's scary enough, but then she hears her mother's voice: "Cristina, stop lurking. Come and say good morning to your guests." Cristina hides the terror she must be feeling at this sight and says, "Good morning, mother. Good morning, Mrs... . Mama." She looks around the apartment and sees bouquets, fabric samples, and guest books scattered all about the place. It's like a wedding planner exploded. Cristina: "What? What is everyone doing here so early?" Mama Burke: "Early? Darling, by the look of the calendar we should have been here six months ago." Mama Yang: "She doesn't understand what goes into planning a wedding." The two Mamas head into the living room. Burke walks up to Cristina with a cup of conciliatory coffee in hand: "Breathe. Sip, then breathe." If my boyfriend sprung both of our mothers on me without warning, it would be more like "stab, then bury."

At Seattle Grace, the Chief and Derek gossip about the fact that the police have still not found Crush's family and that she still hasn't regained any memories. Derek notes that now that Crush's other medical problems have been resolved, he'll do a neurological workup and see if he can identify the cause of her amnesia. Mark joins them and, sounding slightly panicked, asks, "Has anybody seen Addison?" Richard tells him that she's gone -- she took a leave of absence. Mark: "Why? I mean, did she tell you why?" He's suddenly aware that Derek is watching him. Richard: "All she said was she needed some time. To be happy and free, if I recall correctly."

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