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The Other Side Of This Life, Part I

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L.A., L.A., A Hell Of A Town!

And it wouldn't be an episode of Grey's Anatomy if it didn't have a scene in which a woman inappropriately begs a man for something that should be her due. This time, it's Meredith. She walks up to Derek and makes a little small talk before telling him, "When I drowned, it was different for you than it was for me." Well, yes, but that's because you were the one that drowned. That's a very different experience from standing on dry land. Mere continues: "Something happened to me, and I really don't know how to explain it without sounding like... I just, I feel different. I want to be better, at everything, and I want to let you in. I swear." Derek: "Did you practice that?" She tells him that she had a whole routine worked out with hand gestures, but she decided to keep it simple and leave out the choreography. Meredith: "Just now is not the time to give up on me, okay, is what I'm saying." Derek: "Okay." But he doesn't look totally okay as she walks away.

We get some California lifestyle porn to bring us back to Addison. You know, yoga and tai chi and surfing. A receptionist answers the phone at the Oceanside Wellness Group. Hey, it's Piz! I've always thought this show needed a little bit of emo hair, and here it is. As he talks on the phone, Piz stares at the shapely ass of a doctor who's walking away from him. As Piz continues to talk to the patient about the itchiness in her nether regions, Addison wanders into the room. She laughs when she sees a flat-panel monitor displaying advertising for a book featuring Taye Diggs on the cover. It's called How To Seem Taller Without Really Trying. Addison walks up to Piz and tells him why she's there, but she interrupts herself when she sees a pretty young woman sitting in the waiting area. Addison calls her "Maya," and although Maya's dubbed-in voice sounds happy to see Addison, she acts totally awkward and standoffish when Addison approaches her. Addison: "Oh my God, you got so big. What are you, like 45 now?" We hear a voice telling Maya that she's going to be late for school. That voice belongs to the owner of the shapely ass Piz was admiring earlier. It's Francie! Or maybe it's the Francinator. Quick, offer her some coffee ice cream and see what happens. Francie seems surprised to see Addison, but not in a good way. Addison calls her "Naomi" (but "Francie" she will remain) and moves in to give her a big hug.

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