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Addison is performing an ultrasound on Grace while Francie asks her questions about all the sex she had. Addison is trying to be professional, while Francie is sounding very judgmental. Grace accuses her of being on Nina's side, and Francie notes that she is Nina's doctor. Grace explains herself by noting that before the implantation, she freaked out about losing control of her body for nine months and simultaneously found herself wanted by three different men. Grace: "For once, I just stopped thinking, and I just...I did something wild." And now the drums of sudden medical emergency start to play. Grace can apparently hear them, because she asks what's going on and Addison tells her they need to run some more tests. Commercials.

Thatcher is wheeling Susan out to their car as Meredith walks alongside. Meredith tells Susan to take it easy as she recovers from the procedure. Susan doesn't seem inclined to disagree with that advice. Thatcher gives Meredith an awkward hug and tells her that it was nice talking with her. Susan looks quite pleased with herself. I would start to suspect that she was faking the hiccups too, except that we saw her hiccupping even under anesthesia.

George gets on an elevator to find that Izzie is there. She asks if he's heard any news about his transfer. He tells her that things look good. She seems unhappy, and he tells her, "I'm not an unfaithful guy. I'm not a cheater." Except for that time you slept with Izzie. And the time later in the episode when you're going to make out with Izzie. Other than that, you're a paragon of fidelity. In a rather accusing tone, Izzie asks if George thinks that if he stays around Izzie he'll have sex with her again. Only until the writers come to their senses, Izzie. Only until the writers come to their senses. The elevator stops on George's floor, and Izzie calls out his name. George: "I have to go."

Taye and Kellerman are walking down the hall when Amy tells them that she ordered Ms. Horny and Mr. Flaccid to have sex and "he didn't rise to the occasion." Taye: "Nothing? No wood." Amy: "Not even a twig." Now, I'm not a highly trained therapist, and I don't play one on TV, but I would think that when confronted with a man who hasn't had sex with his wife in eighteen months, one of the very first questions you might ask him is whether he's able to perform. Is he able to masturbate? Does he get morning wood? Because those are the kind of key factors that help determine whether impotence is psychological or physical. (Here's a hint: if your impotence is physical, you're unlikely to be getting any erections at all.) It may be that I just know a lot more about the penis than Amy does, but I'm beginning to suspect she's not a very good therapist. In fact, Amy has just now decided that Mr. Flaccid's problem must be physical, because she thinks the only other option is that he no longer loves his wife, and that's too depressing for her to think about. Kellerman suggests that Mr. Flaccid might be gay, and Taye starts to list some of the potential physical causes. Of impotence, not gayness. And then Kellerman asks, "Have you checked for extreme ugliness?" I don't really care if the spin-off gets picked up, but I wouldn't mind if Addison brought Kellerman back to Seattle Grace. He's funny and hot. Also, I have to assume that it's now the next day, because otherwise it would mean that Ms. Horny and Mr. Flaccid ran home for a quick nooner and have just called up Amy with the results. And that would just be sad.

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