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Life is hard. Let's go get a slushie.
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Previously on Tu-Tu-Tumor, Good-bye: Everyone spent the whole episode putting off tasks they didn't want to complete, so that meant that George never asked Meredith out; the tumor lady finally had her tumor removed ,but it was too late because the tumor was bigger than my dream house on the shores of Lake Como, Italy; and Meredith avoided McDreamy until she couldn't avoid him anymore and then she tossed some wine down his throat and they made sweet love while the ferryboats swam by. I might be projecting that last part.

We open on a naked Mere, dozing in bed as her alarm goes off. Her voiceover says, "Okay, whoever said 'you can sleep when you die' needs to come talk to me after a few months as an intern." She turns and runs her hand across her very hairy leg. Oh, wait. That's McDreamy's leg. Guess the wine + ferryboats did the trick, huh? She tells him they have to get up and they roll around sleepily as she says she has pre-rounds, and he has to leave before Izzie and George see him. Derek good-naturedly wrestles with her as he asks why they can't see him and they giggle and generally avoid getting out of bed.

Downstairs, Izzie and George discuss how Mere's loud boinking kept them up all night. George, of course, wants to know who the guy is. Why, George? You gonna beat him up with your bad haircut and mopey face? I'm sure he'll run screaming out the door. "Aaaaaauuuugh! Not the Hair of Doom! And the Face! The Face of Moping! Eeeeeee!" Izzie teases George for being jealous and George, of course, just denies it. Because he's a girl. They hear the front door opening and manage to see Derek just as he's sneaking out in his rumpled day-old clothes. Izzie snarks, "Well, at least we know brain surgery isn't his only skill." George is aghast that Meredith is sleeping with her boss. They continue to chatter about it and Izzie thinks that Mere's sleeping with Dere to get ahead in surgery and George thinks this isn't an ongoing thing, that it just happened, because, let's face it, Mere does have a penchant for getting drunk and sleeping with people. Mere walks in right then, and Izzie asks her who she was shtupping all night long, and Mere just lies that it's no one they know. Izzie practically spews her lungs out through her nostrils, she snorts so hard. Mere's voiceover wonders why, if life is so hard already, we make more trouble for ourselves? "What's up with the need to hit the self-destruct button?"

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