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As Tegan and Sara sing about downtown, Alex runs to tell Burke that Digby's white blood cell count is really high. Burke's concerned and tells Alex to look for existing conditions or previous illnesses. We check in with Jaime's surgery as Derek's about to cut. Cristina takes her place and sees that George isn't there and that Doctor Drunko is. She looks up at the peanut gallery and sees George watching and she realizes what's happened. Then we catch up with Mere as she's informing Claire's parents that the reversal went fine, but that they lost a significant portion of her bowel. "Claire will never eat normally again," she says. The father's all, okay, what? How? Um? How do we help her? Mere says that getting proper nutrition will be a lifelong problem for Claire. "Great," says her bitch of a mother. "As if we already don't have our hands full with her." OH MY GOD.

"She gets good grades," says Mere. "She stays out of trouble. She's smart. I just think she feels like nothing she does is good enough for you." Claire's mother starts to rail on her, all, I am not responsible for this! "I think Claire is killing herself to please you," says Mere. The mother scoffs and turns away, but the father looks at Mere with concern. "You have no idea what's going on in that girl's mind," says the mother. "You're her mother," says Mere. "She worships the ground you walk on. She didn't do this for herself." The mother gets up and tries to talk to the father about how this situation has become ridiculous and he just cuts her off. "Tina... shut up." Ha! He walks away as Meredith looks relieved that he's finally done something besides stand around and look useless.

Alex checks on Digby and he's freezing and can't stop shaking. Alex asks if he has any new tattoos or wounds and Digby says he has a new tat on his calf. Alex goes to check it out and it's totally septic. He orders the nurse to get Digby to the ICU and get him started on antibiotics. Back with Jaime's surgery, Derek's leading Cristina through the procedure, but he keeps checking on Jaime's face through the plastic sheeting. She seems to be moving. He mentions this to Doctor Drunko and says that her anesthesia's light. Drunko doesn't respond. "Come on, [Doctor Drunko]," Shepherd says, "she's waking up!" George hears this up in the gallery and looks concerned. Cristina walks over to get Doctor Drunko's attention and announces that the damn fool is asleep. Shepherd calls his name again and he STILL doesn't wake up. Unfortunately, Jaime IS waking up.

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